here’s the update on petunia grant the great:

she’s still gimping around, but is her normal cheerful self. wattles are bright, comb is bright, coloring is great, feathers are beautiful, and i’m feeling very full of chicken wisdom that i even now know enough about chickens to have written that sentence. her eyes are clear and alert, her appetite is good, she is still laying, AND she even made the effort to hobble on up the ramp (*H and i call it walking the plank) to go into the nesting box to lay her egg as usual. because why disrupt a routine just because you appear to be in a world of hurt?

so, petunia is a trooper and a role model. she is an inspiration and one cool chick. but she is still essentially a one-legged chicken in a two-legged world. and i’m still perplexed.

she has no obvious injury, but is in so much pain that her foot literally quivers when she holds it off the ground. she won’t put weight on it, but she seems quite fine to just hop wherever she needs to go, which makes me feel like a big huge baby for complaining when i have a migraine. because if i was spasming in pain, you could be darn sure i wouldn’t be laying any eggs.

i gave the girls some sour cream today, which i globbed on the ground (*h loves being married to an american, and my elegance in serving food is just one of the many reasons why), but i gave petunia the container for herself. when a few jealous cluckies came over to “share”,  petunia let them right in, whereas i would have been like, “I DON’T FEEL GOOD AND I HURT! GET OUT OF MY SOUR CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

so she is obviously more highly evolved than i am as well.

hmmmmm. i have a lot to work on, i guess.

but back to petunia grant.

she is getting around better and looking healthier than the first day she was hurt, which gives me hope that chickens possess some secret power to mend wounds that we humans just don’t know about.

or maybe she’s been faking the whole time, just hoping i’d get the hint and throw some sour cream her way.

smart chicken…

in any case, please keep doing whatever it is that you’ve been doing, because it seems to be working. i’ll keep you posted on her and the rest of the gang. tomorrow we are moving the coop from the front of the house to the side of the house, which i think may turn out to be a colossally bad idea, but we are trying to get them away from our teenagers’ bedroom windows, since the older kids aren’t loving waking up to parfum de farm…

this new location will be smack outside of our kitchen windows (can you say large screen TV for dogs- all chicken channel, all the time)- in a narrowish corridor that will be both harder to clean and harder to access.

but we’re all about keeping the teenagers happy here on the bass family farm, so stay tuned for the next installment…