here’s the timeline just so we’re clear:

chicken whisperer visits monday morning and suggests more protein for the girls to increase egg production.

i start them on yogurt monday afternoon.

tuesday afternoon we get 2 eggs, thus doubling our egg production within 24 hours.


you be the judge šŸ˜‰

on a different note, last night madgeĀ “pasted over” and iĀ had to clean her off-Ā a job she and iĀ both hated, and iĀ hope iĀ never have to do again. iĀ thought this only happened to chicks, but this actually killed daisy a few weeks ago (sorry iĀ forgot to tell you). any thoughts on why this keeps happening? i’llĀ ask our new chicken guru, but i’m wondering if any of you have experienced this with your flocks and you have some insights…

on the happy side, madgeĀ is up and around today, happy and robust as ever. she is none the worse for the experience, whereas iĀ am severelyĀ traumatized. she is clearly a farm animal and iĀ am clearly not a farmer. but, it’s a learning process, and hopefully i’ll toughen up.

today i’mĀ cleaning out cabinets and doing a bunch of laundry-Ā both things iĀ am good at-Ā reaffirming my belief in myself that iĀ am good enough, i am gritty enough, and gosh darn it, people like me šŸ™‚