today i had a delivery of a custom blend of chicken feed from a wonderful small farmer who was willing to sit and give me advice regarding the lack of laying around the bass ranch.

he admired my chux (always a big plus!) and said they look healthy and happy. awwwwwwww, shucks (insert proud mommy blush…).

one curious girl actually came right up to him to check him out, which was quite interesting, since they are not usually the shmoozy type. it’s like they knew that this was a guy who has a unique connection to the chicken world… the rest of the pack snuck around the edge of the trash cans to scope him out and then very bravely came to hunt for bugs right at his feet. very cool girls indeed. and he is a very cool farmer, so i’m really glad i made the connection.

after watching them for a few minutes and asking me some questions about their habits and their diets, he has preliminarily suggested i try giving them more protein for a week. if that doesn’t help, i can call him to troubleshoot and he has other ideas i can try. he totally nixed the idea about extra lighting, but i did run that by him, as well as the other ideas you all so generously posted here on the blog. in the meanwhile, it will be leftover milk from the kids’ cereal bowls, yogurt, and mealworms if i can find them somewhere close by. i may stoop to making them some fish (i can actually picture my family cringing at this, buy hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do…).

i know you are all on the edge of your seats watching this drama unfold, so i will try to keep you updated as soon as there is news.

stay tuned…