that seems to be the question around here…

and as much as i don’t want to be the mad poster…

as much as i want to keep up posts for a while before i knock them down by putting up a new post…

i must know if you all have any ideas…

how do i get my chickens to lay???

*h has some photos of the first egg being fried up with some sausage for his lunch- but he continues to passive-aggressively not send them to me.

or he continues to be really really busy and has more important things on his mind than putting up photos of an egg frying on my blog… can you imagine???

but the real question is, why aren’t my girls doing their duty?

there is enough sunlight, even in rainy seattle.

they free range and get enough food and water.

they have a clean pleasant coop and room to roost and nest.

they have had a few weeks to settle in.

i have checked their-um-private parts and everything seems to be as the books say it should be.

according to the lady we bought them from, their ages (10 months to 2-1/2 years) put them in laying territory, and they were laying when we bought them. i know that maybe she lied, but i’m really wanting to believe that wasn’t the case. she sold them so cheap that she could have advertised them as stew chickens and sold them for the same price, so it’s not like she made gobs of money by lying about their laying status…

they don’t look “bleached”, they don’t seem to be molting, they don’t act sick, and i don’t notice anything obviously wrong.

so, chicken sleuths- any ideas what we could do to inspire these girls to give up some eggs?

currently we are getting precisely one egg a day, laid each afternoon by petunia grant, neatly in her laying box.

other hens have looked broody for a few hours at a time, but no eggs.

we have set up some nesting boxes around the yard, in clumps of bushes where they like to recreate, but they don’t seem to understand the purpose of these “work stations”.

we have seeded the nests with golf balls, but they haven’t gotten the hints.

we have told them, whispered to them, and tried to inspire them, but to no avail.

so, now i turn to you.

our future eggs are in your hands.