we’d like you to join us in welcoming our newest additions to the flock: 6 new hens who are already laying!!!

ok, let’s not jinx it, and let’s hope they keep up their good work in their new home, but we’re hoping to start building up a supply of healthy, wealthy, and wise brown eggs beginning (if my kids get their wish) tomorrow morning.

now here’s where your work comes in:

a few of the new girls have names. there’s a barred rock (nameless), and then another black and white one who may be a silver laced wyandotte  named diamond. but we may be open to changing that if you came up with something more wows. we spoke to her about that, and she’s open to an upgrade.

the smaller of the two black girls (sorry, but let’s not call them african-americans;  they are, in point of fact, black australorps) is chica- at least unless you invent something more ghetto fabulous…

and the older of the two rhode island reds (who are burgundy, but see if you can tell who is older. we promised not to divulge their beauty secrets, but it may involve some ponds cold cream…) is sunrise. it sounds poetic, but not so catchy, right?

and the other three have no names at all…

alas, (hand to forehead, and sigh dramatically, please) these ladies are not only displaced but they have no names. can you help?

here are some photos to help you get swept up with the moment, and i will post the winning names, along with any other info you want, including a short bio of the winning person (if you want), what your thought process was behind the name (if you want), any additional info that should go with the name- including likes, dislikes, stories, songs, poems, odes, etc. that should belong to the owner of the name, etc.

go a little crazy, have a little fun. live a little. drink a little. hum a lot. watch you tube videos. eat some slugs and worms if it puts you in the right mood (although i have told you that our girls like their pasta and potatoes too!). all i’m saying is, don’t be afraid to GO A LITTLE CHICKEN!

and so, without further ado, i present to you, (drum roll………….) the girls: