ok did that work? did you look?

because they only have a few days to raise the money they need. and they are only looking to raise the bare bones to make the few adjustments the city requires in order for them to even open in april. and without them opening, they don’t even have a chance to earn money to make their bigger dreams come true.

and wouldn’t it be cool in this age of greed and cynicism and corruption to see some dreams come true?

especially dreams that involve fresh local produce and farmers markets and neighbors.

but i’m kinda biased on those topics 😉

a few of you suggested they just open in the parking lot and use the money they make from sales there to further their goal of an indoor market, and that seems to be the direction they are headed in. according to their site, they just need to raise enough money to get “frills” like advertising, a cooler for the CSAs, and a new gutter. so they’re hardly asking for diamond-encrusted tiaras.

and here’s the icing: if they don’t raise what they need, your credit card never gets charged. so you don’t have to feel like you are throwing money at some nameless people who will do heavens-knows-what with it. like they will maybe go on a $24,800 shopping spree the day after their pledge drive closes. because either they will make the money they need in order to open for this season, or you won’t pay anything at all.

i know this may sound kind of whiny-beggy-desperate. i’m ok with that. right about now, i need something to believe in, and i need to believe that i can make a difference. i need to believe that you can make a difference. i need to believe that a bunch of people are willing to throw $1 or $2 or $5 (or more!) at a good cause- or pretend it’s a lottery ticket or a chinese auction or a sweepstakes entry if that makes you feel better- can inspire others to do the same and that together we can accomplish something big.

how long would it take you to repost this message?

how long would it take you to send an email?

how cool would it be for you to drink out of the same coffee mug that i will hopefully be drinking out of in a few weeks? (that’s a hint about how much i pledged…)

how often do you have a chance to be a part of something cool like this?

they stop taking pledges monday, march 5th at noon, but if you’re like me and you plan to do it later you might not.

i’m just sayin…