ok, blog folks- i’m gonna repost something that was put as a comment, and i’d really truly appreciate if you could see if this is for real. i have to admit that once i see joel salatin’s name attached to anything, my eyes kind of glaze over and i’m a sucker for whatever follows. if it’s for real, i’ll keep it up here and try my best to help. if it’s a scam, i’ll take it down ASAP and apologize for being a chump. i’m counting on you all! here it is:

Hey all!  I know you live elsewhere, but we need help, and fast!

We are trying to start a new farmers’ market in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We’ve had an uphill battle with our tiny town, but are beginning to gain a bit of ground.

We are trying to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter and need to get the word out.  We only have 6 days left, and still need to raise $13,000.  It works out to be about 542 $25 pledges!  That’s it.  For that, we are giving out a bunch of stuff.

We have tons of rewards that are able to be shipped, including signed copies of Joel Salatin’s latest book, as well as a private dinner with him. (Joel was on John Stossel Friday night.) We will also hope to have an update video in the next 24 hours, produced this weekend by a former Senior Producer at National Geographic. Why support a farmers’ market in Virginia if you live somewhere else? First, this will not be just ANY farmers’ market. It will be a DESTINATION farmers’ market. So… this is a way to get some neat tchotchkes, plus support the bread basket that is so near Washington, DC. Will be a wonderful weekend getaway place! Most importantly, come and visit us this summer!

We will also select one “backer” at random to receive a new IPod.

Here’s the link: http://kck.st/xhSthI

If you would be so kind to through it up on a blog, on your facebook page, wherever, we would be most appreciative.  Please share.

Thank you. Mount Jackson Farmers’ Market