do you all remember when they were just scrawny little chicklets? and now they are growing into proud young ladies, still pre-egg-laying (in spite of my cleverly putting golf balls into their nesting boxes). they perhaps have a bit of italian in them, given their penchant for pasta in any form. they have chosen a favorite spot far away from the dogs for their daily dirt baths. they have expanded “their territory” to include several of my neighbors’ yards (the neighbors seem a bit perplexed by the sudden epidemic of feral chickens in the neighborhood, but not too bothered). they happily greet children and cars, but will run away from most adults (wonder what that’s about???) . they have bouts of pre-flight, where they will just break into full run for no clear reason  and flap their wings like mad, and which i find highly adorable, but objectively looks pretty darn ridiculous. they will alternate between being best buddies with squirrels and then harassing the bejeebers outta them.  they no longer get excited by shredding up paper plates, but i guess that’s just what happens when you grow up.

and, in case you keep track of such things, the current survivors are Copper (proudly wearing the red anklet), Lacey (sporting a lovely blue bracelet), and Adelia (who looks dashing in her yellow band).

the girls turn 5 months old in march- do you think it would be over the top for us to throw a small party?