first and foremost i want to thank all of you for the beautiful things you said over the past few days. i’m sorry i didn’t have a chance to respond, but if i was feeling well enough to have written back, please know that i would have. i’ll try to get to the comments section over the next few days. now that my fingers aren’t swollen painful sausages anymore. yay!!!!

i want to tall you all about the medical marijuana deal, but since the laws are written with room to drive a mighty big criminal prosecition through, people are still pretty cagey when it comes to the whole topic. everyone is very helpful and kind- but on the down-low.

so, i’m going to tell you about someone i know quite well. let’s call her jody brass. she has chronic health issues, and she sometimes has flare-ups. sometimes these flare-ups are quite bad, eerily similar to the sitaution i posted about the last one or two posts… jody brass needed to get her hands on some medical marijuana, or mary jane- let’s just call it mj…

after hearing each and every single person- and i’m not even exaggerating!- tell her that their mj dispensary was the absolute best, jody brass decided to just go to her local dispensary, which is like 5 blocks from her house. jody called first to get her paperwork in order, found out that they have an ATM machine in the lobby it’s cash only- who knew?- made sure that someone there could help her understand the diffreent products, varieties, etc. and then got in the car and went to a different place from the one she called. oops.

ok. she was still somewhat stiff and in pain, but she was ok. she ws optimistic about this new wonder-med.

she went in- horrible parking- showed her paperwork (they called the doctor’s office to confirm that she was indeed a real pateint with a real problem and a real authorization to get the mj- and was allowed into a back room. which was actually a middle room which was visible friom the front of the store.

it kind of looked like a jewelry store, with display cases, and a little portable greenhouse on the side witha few plants inside (clones, they are called- how frightening is that- maybe the plants could come alive and kill you if you get out of line???). jody told the lady that she didn’t want anything smoky since she has kids in the house. so she was shown the edibles.

they had lots of different kinds of cookies and junk foods. they had sprinkle cookies and lemon tarts and danish looking things. they had lollypops is regular or sugar free or organic. they had tea and tinctures and something else…

the lollypops were $5 each and there were tootsie roll sort of things that were $7 that were supposed to be really strong. the thing with all of this stuff, though, is that one does not necessarily need a whole one. so the tootsie roll thing, for example- she said to start by eating half (after she heard that jody had no background in mj she said maybe even start with 1/4)- so the prices my actually reflect multiple doses… i won’t even tell you how much a dose of certian migraine abortives can be, but let’s say it can be signifigantly higher (and we have really good insurance)…

*ed note* i must add in here so you don’t miss it- the prices are actually suggested donations for upkeep of the co-op. one is not buying mj, per se. i don’t know if that’s even legal, although someone with a prescription can legally (under state law, but not federal) be in possession of a certain quantity of mj… so one signs a deal with the co-op that they are authorized to grow on behalf of the med. mari. patient, and then the patient is allowed to choose from their products, and one makes donations in suggested amounts to help them pay for supplies, rent, etc. clear?

so, jody bought about 6 lollypops and 5 tootsie rolls. she waited until she got home and everything was taken care of and then she nibbled of the magic tootsie roll (like alice in wonderland, right???)- and ate 1/2 of it. i have it on good authority that it tasted like a tootsie roll with tea mixed in. not yummy for a treat, but that’s good. this stuff is supposed to be medicine.

so- results: made her very tired. made her woozy. didn’t help with the pain so much. she ate and ate although there was no sensation of being hungry. she threw up after supper.

had a lollypop before bed (strawberry). and to be technically correct, they are called lollypoTs. again, not great pain relief, but very tired, and slept great. so, it was worth it for that so far.

next day. migarine hung on in spite of whatver residual mj stays in the system. all day long she took pain meds to cope. at bedtime she took another 1/2 tootsie roll. again, another night of blissfully deep sleep.

soemone told her that it can take a few days for the effects to build up. sleep, however, is regenerative, so more/better sleep is already a plus. the excruciating pain she was in is subsiding with some changes to her meds. she’s hanging in there and will continue to report and is happy to take questions.

as for me? dakota the wonder dog killed two of my chickens. my amazing family kept the house running like a well-oiled machine while i was non compos mentis. my indoor seeds have actually started to sprout, giving me hope that i actually can be successful at something.

and i wrote two fan letters, which i mailed out at the end of last week, but forgot to tell you about. is that very junior high school???