or at least it does in my mind.

when we lived in detroit, i was pretty clear that our geography had boundaries. i knew that just because we had snow, that didn’t mean everyone had snow. if it was hot where we were, we couldn’t be certain that anyone else was suffering from heat (except maybe those pesky sub-saharan africans).  in spite of my in-laws’ beliefs that we could see the smoke from the world trade center from our house (we couldn’t, in case you are interested), we actually lived in a very finite place.

but here in seattle, for some reason i can’t get my mind around the idea that the rest of the country- no, actually the world- does not have exactly the same things going on as we do in seattle.

i know that everyone else is now on the wrong time. meaning that they are at least 3 hours ahead of us, if not more. but aside from that, not so much is sinking in.

i was going to call my sister in california yesterday. i was so excited, because normally she is really really busy, but since the snow has shut down everything, i knew that she would be snowed in and available to take my call. except that she lives in california. where it doesn’t snow. oh yeah.

and i was really worried about my son, who was travelling from new jersey to detroit, since they were predicting 8-12 inches of snow, and possibly ice storms. he made it home safely, and i guess that’s because he’s in detroit, and the weather forecasts were for seattle. oh, right.

i thought it was cool for my extended family in england, since they barely ever get to see snow. but, guess what? they still aren’t seeing snow. you know why? because they are in england, and it snowed in seattle. uh huh.

i’m sure you get my point. i don’t know why i’ve become such a geographic elite, assuming that my reality is everyone’s reality, but that’s my story and i’m stuck in it…

on a different, but equally random note, i was in the hardware store a few days before the great blizzard of 2012. i saw this stuff called chicken rub, which i assumed was some sort of chicken massage product. how sweet, i thought, to want to pamper your chickens. i was a bit perplexed at the list of ingredients, but i could see that it had things like cayenne pepper- to increase circulation and blood flow, of course; and garlic- great anti-bacterial, which is probably useful for animals that strut around in their own excrement; and other herbs, which i’m sure have other great medicinal properties to ensure a healthy flock. but it was weird because it was on a display with barbecue tongs and charcoal briquets and oven mitts… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i actually got vaguely disgusted by what i was holding, which is weird, since i’m certainly no vegetarian. but i think i felt sort of betrayed by what i thought at first was a chicken spa product. for someone who prides herself on being somewhat quick, i can be pretty slow sometimes- a continual source of laughter for my children and consternation for myself. but, there ya go. human is as human does.

last night we made the chux a steaming pot of oatmeal, which they seemed pretty grateful for. today *h took them their morning food (a mixed plate of potato chips, granola- homemade, of course-, cereal, and peanuts). he looked ADORABLE in the family muck boots, so i may have him feed them more often, just so i can watch him in those boots. he even cleaned out their water dish and gave them fresh hot water. nothing like some poultry nurturing to give you warm fuzzies about your spouse. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

the royal mummy-in-law is here for her annual visit and is in the kitchen playing a board game with the two youngest. it’s kind of sad that we can’t take her to see anything of seattle, but maybe we’ll have a miraculous melt soon. we’ll see. otherwise we’ll just keep feeding everyone and hope they don’t notice they’re still cooped up in the house. on day 3 of the shut in one of my teenagers had offered to take one of the littles on a mile walk to a friend’s house today, which gives you a bit of an idea how badly they all want a change of scenery… i, on the other hand, am enjoying the enforced family time, and feeling spoiled/grateful/nervous-to-lose-it that we still have electricity. i’m off to make a super gourmet lunch (3 courses, at least), then clean up in time to make a super gourmet supper. seriously, though, i love cooking, so it’s cool.

my youngest told my mother-in-law that i love to clean, and MIL said, “no, dear. cleaning is something mummies do because they must. they just try to make the best of it.” and *h burst out laughing and said, “no, mom. actually julie really does like to clean!” and my MIL has just been walking around in a stupor ever since…

and as goes our life, so goes everyone’s…