i’ll bet lots of you have been wondering lately, ‘what exactly goes on with those wacky basses when there is snow in seattle?’

well, i’m here to let you in on our deepest secrets.

in spite of not getting the predicted 8 inches of snow by today, they are saying we still will get it, and that the city will be shut down by tomorrow at the latest… then another snow storm closer to the weekend should seal the deal and shut us in for good.

but, since yesterday was MLK day and today was a scheduled teacher’s in-service at the little ones’ school, we had the whole big happy family here anyhow. so, here’s a round-up of some of the highlights of what we did:

yesterday we baked a lot and cleaned a lot. we did a bunch of laundry too. i had gone to sam’s club on sunday with a buddy and the menfolk smoked various and sundry meats on the grill all day, so yesterday was also spent putting away provisions (we are such settlers 😉  ) and eating leftovers 🙂 for lunch we made homemade pizza with dough from scratch, which always makes me feel like the earth goddess.

one daughter baked several batches of cookies. one daughter is working on editing her novel for a contest she’s entering (wish her luck, please!). youngest daughter and son actually spent some quality time together playing, which was sooooooooooo nice. and the rest of the folks just kind of hung out…

today i made about a dozen loaves of bread. i made 2 types of onion rolls (from scratch, mais oui), one pan of lemon bars with real lemon juice (yum, right?!?), a lasagna for youngest daughter’s birthday, and did some more laundry.

our chore charts are up and running, so i’m getting lots more help from the troops these days, and that’s making a huge difference in my sanity level. (it’s amazing what you get when you ask for it!) my mother-in-law is arriving for a visit tomorrow, which is making a huge level in my sanity level, too, but in a slightly different way 😉

*h made a beautiful fire tonight, and we all roasted marshmallows as a treat for youngest daughter. i wanted to take some photos, which i never do, but nobody who had a camera felt like getting it. oh well.

i tried to order a new kitchen sponge from amazon.com- being newly inspired about the benefits of amazon prime- and found out that the sponge which was $3 was not eligible for amazon prime and would cost $3.99 to ship. so much for shopping from the comfort of my home during a snow vacation…

our expensive new vacuum snapped its belt which is not only a bummer cuz it’s less than a week old, but a double bummer cuz *h really burned his hand when he opened it up to find out why it smelled like burning rubber and a triple bummer cuz its gonna snow in seattle so we can’t go get a new belt, which means we are gonna be knee deep in our own filth by the time someone digs us out or the snow melts early next week. or something like that…

i made up my mind to finally order some scalpels online to add to our emergency kit (this is before amazon so glaringly let me down today) and discovered that *h thinks i am a total wack job. yep. it ain’t pretty, but it’s the truth. oh well- we’ll see who’s the nutty one when i save him from a pre-ruptured appendix during a blizzard…

chux are great- warm and cozy in their tanning booth/nesting box/roost. enjoying the benefits of my baked goods and the kids’ leftover pizza. they actually stood up to a wayward squirrel today who tried to poke its head into the coop to steal a snack- and i was like, “YES!!! you go, girls!!!!”

but i still eat meat…

and, that’s about all the news that fits for the moment.  i’m researching medical marijuana again, so i’ll keep you posted as news develops on that front.

and now for something completely different, here is my friend’s yummy bread recipe that i used today (got thumbs up from *h, so you know it’s good!):

E’s bread:

1 cup warm water

1 TBSP yeast

1/4 cup sugar

2 TBSP oil

1 tsp. salt

1 egg

3-4 cups flour

dissolve yeast in water. add sugar, egg, oil, and then salt. add flour- but not all at one time- and knead it a lot… too much flour will make the dough heavy and dry, so it’s better to add it as you need to just to keep the dough from sticking… let rise for 1 hour, then shape and rise again for a bit. bake 30-40 minutes (shorter for rolls) at 350 degrees.  (i brushed the tops with beaten egg, but you don’t need to. also, i preheated the oven. what a great way to make the house small yummy!)

admit it- we ARE as cool as you thought, right?!?!?!?!??!?