seattle bulletin: this post contains references to underdressed females. it does not, however, include us getting arrested.

we were driving to walmart (it’s part of our homeschool curriculum LOL) and a police car pulled up along side of us. for those of you who are not familiar with the entire garden saga, we went through a bit of time where the oak park police would constantly drive past our house or park in front of our house or park near our neighbors’ houses. since we had been ticketed and were clearly on the no-joy list in oak park, we were always worried that they were scoping us out to see what other trouble they could make for us. even though we actually found out after the fact that they were in full support of us, and thought the prosecution was totally stupid, we were on edge every single time we saw a police car. it just became one of those things where you don’t realize you are holding your breath and tensing your muscles until after they drive away and you fall apart.

so, today on the way to walmart when a seattle police car pulled up along side of us and the guy rolled down his window, i about fainted. my daughter and i both went through a mental checklist of what we could possibly have done wrong, and we sort of wondered if he somehow knew us as “trouble-makers” from oak park and wanted to lay down the pre-emptive smack on us…

he asked us what part of michigan we are from (we still have michigan plates on the car). we told him detroit. he said, “what part of detroit?” and i told him oak park. gasp. pant. he asked whereabout that was, and i told him a northwest suburb of detroit and he said, “oh, i am from ______________________”, which is a location on the east side of detroit. he was our homie!! 😉 and we chatted a few minutes about how pretty seattle is and he said yeah, even here in the bad area (????? bad area here=normal suburb in detroit, i guess…) it is so much nicer. and then the light changed and he wished us luck, and he smiled the whole time, and i was like, “wow. we just got stopped by the police but not harassed. he thinks we are just normal nice citizens. HURRAY!!!”

and that concludes the police portion of our story.

also on the way to walmart, we drove past a used tire lot. this would be fairly unremarkable, except for the cheap sign at the edge of the street, advertising sexy girls, smutty stuff,  blah blah blah. i always assumed there was a building at the back of the tire lot that was full of cheap strippers or something. i thought it was a weird combination, but whatever. you can sort of imagine some guy’s wife asking, “honey- why did we spend $879 on used tires last month?” and the guy just sort of stuttering about pot holes…

so today we noticed that there was a coffee shack in the parking lot. for those of you outside of seattle, this is like the old-style photomats. it is an itty bitty shack where you can go up to a window- kind of like a dairy queen- and place your order and somehow they make you a coffee in this claustrophobic confined space.

but guess who was making the coffee?????

a bikini-clad quasi-hoochie girl! yes- people were actually letting an almost naked girl touch their coffee. ick. super ick. i though about buying her some clothing at walmart. but seriously, who ever heard of semi-naked coffee shacks? my daughter hoped out loud that she had heat in the shack. i hoped out loud that she was using her tips to pay for med school, and i hoped in my heart she was not some eastern european sex slave who was chained to the floor of a coffee shack in a used tire lot. as old as i get, i can still be surprised by a great many things…

yeah, seattle is one odd place.

but we still like it here.