i don’t usually post when we are going to be traveling i wait until we are safely home. this is partly due to paranoia (i’ve had a few creepy stalker types on the blog over time…) and partly due to other more mundane paranoia…

so, we are safely home from detroit, and multiple things have happened since then that required immediate blogging, but i did want to catch you up…

*h and i went in alone, for about 25 hours. it was not nearly enough time to see friends or do shopping, but too much time to be away from the kids at home, so i guess it was a good balance.

we arrived in the big D at about 3pm on sunday, and oldest son’s engagement party started at 5pm. (he informed us at 4:45 when we called to say we were running late that we were supposed to be there early… oops…). we got our stuff together , went to the rental car place, and got to our hotel about 4:15 to change clothes…

so, first of all, detroit is flippin’ cold! although i spent the first few months in seattle being cold- i think because of the dampness- detroit was frigid! the wind was like icy slaps and within about 20 minutes of being on the ground there, it started snowing. oh yeah, it does that in the midwest, but our brains have apparently reset to seattle weather, and we were like, “holy crud- what is this blizzard???” (it was light flurries- just so you have some context…)

so, we were driving to the hotel and we were looking around at all the flatness and wondering aloud, “was detroit this ugly when we lived here?” i am from detroit, so i never questioned that this is just what any place looks like. but now that we are spoiled by the sheer gorgeousness of seattle, we were just incredulous that people could live in a place so bleak and blah… the clouds in the distance were all dark and ominous, and there was no mount ranier and no olympia mountains, and no lake washington- just flat freeway and dark clouds and lots of burned and abandoned buildings.

we got to the hotel, and we were kind of shocked that folks were not bundled in fur-lined parkas. everyone acted like this freezing crazy weather was just normal. oh yeah- because in the midwest it is. duh. we felt like total tourists, and i tried to channel my inner michiganian, but i was shivering too hard…

so, we got dressed, hustled out of the hotel, luckily remembered our way around (a small miracle considering how non-detroity i have become…), and arrived at the home of my son’s intended (vicki). the house was beautiful, the set-up for the party was absolutely amazing, and it was all stunning. it’s kind of lucky i wasn’t in on the planning, because i am the sort to put out a  spread of food on our diningroom table (pushed against a wall, of course- because now it is a BUFFET table)- make a stack or two of paper goods, and hope my shining personality will overcome my total lack of decorating ability. they had everything coordinated and beautifully laid out, and i found out vicki’s mom is an artist. oh. so now i am double/triple glad that i wasn’t in on the setting up 😉 but it explains why she has such a good eye for making things beautiful, and she had a friend there who is rumored to be a great event organizer, so they had it pretty well covered…

so, we hung out and greeted guests who came to wish congratulations. i didn’t have enough time with anyone, and i was super ditzy about talking to one person and then spacing out when someone else came and completely forgetting the original person. apologies to everyone i did that to- it wasn’t my intention, but i get a little overwhelmed in crowds and i think the first thing to go is my focus… ryan came and i got to meet the famous libby, which was super cool because now i can be buddies with both of them (decidedly less weird than just having a big friendship with ryan…)- and she is just pretty and sparkly. yes, i’ve never before used that word for a person, and i’m not referring to jewelry. she just glowed- like a covergirl. but maybe she is more of an ivory soap model type, because she just radiated that healthy down home beauty that makes you want to stare at her, even though she is just her regular self. her personality is great too- lest you think i am totally superficial (would you expect anything less from the awesome ryan’s wife???). anyhow, it was great to meet sparkly libby, and it was sooooooooooooooo nice that they were able to make it.

lots of my other friends came too (yes, and *h’s friends, but i’m not gonna go on and on about them- hahahaha), and they looked great and were so sweet  and made me actually miss detroit a bit… (some more than others) i was so touched that they came out to say congrats, and it was really nice to see that although we are gone, we are not forgotten.

the food was delish and vicki and her parents were awesome hosts (did i mention i don’t function in crowds? so i can really appreciate folks who know how to work a room and make people feel welcome and balance everything that’s going on). my son also did great, and spent a lot of time holding vicki’s nephew- which was sooooooooooooooo cute you could have pinched his cheeks! ADORABLE to see him with a baby and imagine my future grandchildren 🙂 and gratifying to see how nurturing he is- so we did something right!

after the bash, we got to spend some quiet time first with my son and vicki and her brother and sister-in-law (mother of said cute nephew). then we sent the kids out (yes, they are getting married but will still be “the kids” when the parents need to talk. sorry, guys) and had some really really nice time alone with vicki’s parents. they have married off a few kids, so they have more experience than we do, but they are totally patient and understanding and spent a long time answering our questions and giving us info. they are making a big effort to keep us a part of things even though we are away. they are so sweet and i am SO glad that my son will have awesome in-laws (in addition to the most awesome wife!). they are totally down-to-earth and easy to talk to and chilled out- hurray for us!!!!!

oh- and i met quite a few people who read the blog! go figure that i have silent readers out there- but it was really cool for them to have a context to know me (moreso than just being my son’s mom). so, hi again to the michigan blog readers. i’m so flattered you are out there! feel free to comment and say hi any time!!

then we went back to the hotel and i watched pawn stars while *h went to sleep.

we overslept the next morning, which meant we were running late the whole time, and didn’t get to buy the kids at home stuff from the grocery store that we had hoped to stock up on. we were meeting the family for lunch (my mom and grandma and “the kids” and vicki’s parents)- which we arrived late to. this is after we told everyone how punctual we are- which is honestly the case, but i guess not so much when we are back in detroit… ugh… but, they were ok about it, and we had a nice lunch (thanks grandma!) and them ran like crazy to the airport (which was too crowded because it was new year’s day).

luckily *h is a super titanium planetary member of delta, so we got to go to the fancy shmancy lounge and drink coffee (*H) and grapefruit juice (me) and eat junk. and- because life is sometimes so sweet- there was a lady there with a litter of puppies and she let me hold two! they were havanese- a breed i am not interested in owning- which was great or we would have had 2 new puppies! but they were just the thing to get me calm and happy before the flight (i hate flying and tend to get really sick and can’t stand being confined on a plane, which i referred to as a flying coffin until i realized i was unsettling the kids). so, yay for puppies, and then we were on our way home (yes, revolutionary though it is, we now consider seattle as home. go figure…). i did in fact get sick on the plane (gross as always) but made it home to my house/kids/dogs and the whole trip became surreal. we brought donuts, so we were minor superstars, and then we were all off to bed.

overall, time well spent. the kids at home survived just fine, seeing oldest son made me miss him even more, seeing my mom and grandma made me want to relocate them to the west coast (not gonna happen cuz grandma is pretty settled after almost 100 years in the detroit area. no joke!)- but we were glad to be there and glad to get home.

and now it’s on to making wedding plans! may we- and all of you- be busy with only good things always!!