a while back i reprinted a post from a blog that i continue to follow, called fibromy-awesome (you can click on the link here under blog roll- and i put it there myself- how cool is that ?!?!?!?!).

i would love to comment on her blog, would love to be her friend, would love to send her cookies. but since she seems to get plenty of fans on her blog, i thought i would do the next best thing and just blog about her blog here. (maybe if her site gets enough traffic from here, she will even stop by- hint, hint…)

so, in no particular order, here are some of the reasons i think mary is so great:

– she’s got great hair! in spite of dealing with chronic illness that can just suck the life out of a person, she manages to have a super haircut! even in the older photos her hair is great, and she looks fabulous. that’s adorable under normal circumstances, but in the face of everything she’s dealing with, that’s wow…

– she’s loves her dog (monty). she unabashedly loves her dog, and she gushes about him like a proud mommy, and you just have to smile when you read what she writes about him. she posts the cutest photos of him, and it makes you just want to give both of them a hug. and send dog treats 😉

– the style of her writing is engaging and funny and real and honest and straightforward and clear in a way you don’t often find. while some blogs just seem to go on and on, or others have good information but you can’t wait to get to the end of the post, mary’s keep you wanting more. go, mary!

– mary has spirit. although she is honest about her struggles with sadness and the pain of chronic illness, she bounces back. she inspires you without trying to and she makes you grateful for what you have without being preachy about what she’s lost. she is perky and plucky, but not artificial or nauseatingly pollyanna-ish. she makes fun of things that are genuinely funny, even though most people couldn’t quite articulate why. (i think that’s why her humor resonates with so many people, and why her post went viral…) she’s someone you would want to have as a friend, even if she wouldn’t be able to hang out as much as you would want or she would talk about her dog too much (is there such a thing? LOL). she’s just cool, and you envy her in the way you envied the unreachable popular kids in school, but you don’t hate her like you hated them. you kind of want to be around her. and for someone who struggles with what she struggles with, that says a lot.

– did i mention she has great hair?

i’m sure there are other reasons to like mary, but i hope i’ve piqued your curiosity enough to make you want to check out her blog. happy reading!