Should an 80 year old go to jail for feeding the ducks?


this was eerily familiar… should a mother of 6 go to jail for a garden??

should an 80 year old woman go to jail for feeding ducks?

i have a few questions for those who would preserve the purity of the park:

1- who was there first- the ducks and the park or the subdivision?

2- who probably moved near the park for its parklike setting, and is now complaining that the park actually contains living creatures?

3- who has better options for avoiding that which they don’t like- the ducks or the humans?

4- this isn’t really a question, but please try this experiment at your own house and report back on the results. throw a few handfuls of breadcrumbs around your yard. do this repeatedly. see how many ducks you draw into your yard. yes, animals who are already around will stop by for a quick munch, but can throwing breadcrumbs create ducks out of thin air? because according to my understanding of this news story, the woman is being accused of drawing ducks to the area by throwing breadcrumbs… so, which came first, the ducks or the crumbs??

5- again, this may not technically be a question, but i’ll go for it all the same. this is a lonely old woman. she finds comfort in taking care of animals. could the city perhaps offer her a job in a local shelter? give her the job to keep the duck area “clean” (how you sanitize wildlife is a bit perplexing to me, but let’s go with it for a moment…). could they give her some homeless animals to take care of? a retired service dog to be her companion? hook her up with kids who need mentors or elderly shut-ins who need companionship or other people who need the comfort of an under-utilized grandma?

6- is the city or the citizenry or the duck population best served by putting this woman behind bars for 30 days? does the world really so desperately need protection from duck poo?

i’d file this under too stupid to be true, if it didn’t have such a deja vu feeling for me…

feel free to dash off a few well-worded emails before her next court date…