i said this a lot in the beginning of the blog, but it occurs to me that i haven’t said it in a while:

i’m not on facebook.

i know there is a page for oak park hates veggies (thanks to my good friend E!)- i can see the opening page if i click on the link from this blog. but i can’t respond to comments or leave any of my own.

which is sometimes sad because there are some great discussions and some really interesting points that are brought up.

but not as sad as it would be if i had yet another thing that would suck me in and take away time from my family 😉

to thy (thine?) own self be true, right????

the facebook folks seem to be doing fine without me, so i hope they will continue to check the page and interact with each other.

but i want to put it out there that i am not snubbing anyone. i’m not ignoring you if you leave me comments on facebook. if you want an answer from me, or clarification, or any info, please post your question on this blog.

otherwise, facebook to your heart’s content!