i’m pretty open to answering any question and discussing any topic where there is a sincere desire to learn, and not just to argue. i guess that’s one of the reasons i love homeschooling so much!

anyhow, someone on the blog posted this question, and i will answer it as well as i can:

I’m all for obtaining your own food, but I don’t think you can hunt with handguns– am I wrong? I guess I would ask (though it is none of my business) why you own handguns? There are so many accidents with children and especially handguns, (yes, even with ones that were locked up) that I don’t understand the risk that someone takes in owning them. Can you explain? (and i am asking this sincerely though it’s obvious i don’t agree with having them in the house).

so, the first part first: i’m sure some people could hunt with handguns, but i certainly wouldn’t. as far as obtaining my own food, i’m more of a grocery outlet kind of girl than a kill and skin your own rabbit type. my youngest sister was a passionate vegan for many years. part of her outlook was that, if you are not prepared to kill what you eat, then you have no right to eat it. she felt that the sanitized saran wrapped packages of meat and chicken that you find in the grocery store lets you overlook the violence that brought that food to your plate. and if you couldn’t stand the violent part, you had no right to benefit from the fact that someone else did it for you. right or wrong, i had a lot of respect for her, and although i still eat food that someone else kills, i do give a lot of props to people who are willing to do the difficult and ugly work of hunting to feed their own families. but obtaining food is not why we have guns.

as far as the risk to children: i’m pretty sure the statistics will back me up here, but i don’t think the majority of handgun accidents in the home are with properly locked and stored firearms. anyone i ever knew growing up who brought a gun to school got it from the shoebox in the back of their parents’ closet. or in the laundry basket at their granny’s house. or from under the bed at an uncle’s house. not once did someone say they broke a code, picked a lock, or otherwise got into a locked gun safe. i think that the anti-gun people frame the very few-and-far-between gun accidents as the logical outcome from private ownership of firearms, when that is honestly not the case.

i know it’s easy to be afraid of guns. if i wasn’t used to cars and i saw these huge heavy hunks of metal cruising down the road, seemingly hurtled toward each other of their own volition, i would be scared out of my wits. sadly, i think that’s where a lot of people are in their feelings toward guns. if i didn’t know there was a driver behind the wheel of  each car, i would be petrified to be anywhere near them (btw, i’m getting to be that afraid of drivers in seattle anyway- OMG what’s up with you people????). if i didn’t understand how cars work, and that they could be put into park or turned off all together, i would be in a total panic that they would just start on up and run me down. if i didn’t know they needed gas and maintenance, they would just be a mysterious killing force waiting to hurt me at any opportunity. and i think that’s how lots of people feel around guns. they don’t understand how they work, they are suspicious of the mechanics, and all they know is that guns have the power to wound and to kill. so, people have little exposure to responsible gun owners- mainly cuz they are forced into a closet in mainstream society (a little plug out there for my previous post- hahahaha)- and have only heard the isolated story about the 3 year old who shot his 5 year old cousin with a handgun. so, i would just say, don’t believe the hype… (what song is that from, oh musical blog readers???)

i will tell you why i own guns. and it isn’t pretty, and it isn’t ideal, but it is the truth, for whatever it’s worth.

i would love to say that i have guns out of some lofty principle, but that would be a lie. i wish i had livestock to protect, but that’s not the case. the truth is, i have guns because i am sick of being a victim.

i’m sick of seeing good people be victimized by thugs and standing impotently by. i’m tired of having to worry that some miscreant could hurt my family and i wouldn’t be able to protect them. i’m done with laying awake at night and hoping that my house is locked down like a fortress and my dogs will deter criminals. i wanted to take back some power and walk with dignity instead of fear.

i know that i am not magical. i know that i am not all-powerful just because i have a gun. i don’t think i harbor any real illusions of setting the world right or avenging innocent people the world over.

but i know that i don’t want to be at the wrong end of some lunatic who will kill my child to buy a $5 rock of crack. i have no plans to cower in fear when someone is poised to attack me or mine, and a gun helps to equalize the playing field.

so, i’m not noble.

i’m not majestic.

but i am honest.

and i’m just not gonna take being a victim or a potential victim.

and that’s the best answer i can give you.