my family, even with all they have to put up with from me, is actually quite lucky. when i am stressed out or under pressure, i get very “nesty”. i want to clean and cook and bake and sort and organize.

i have friends who lament their inability to pursue some activity they pursued in their pre-wife and pre-mommy days. i find that so sad- both that they cannot (or don’t because of the guilt involved) carve out time from their lives to take care of themselves, and that their new roles are not as personally fulfilling to them as their single lives. (or at least of their memory of single life, which is often distorted through the yearning. people look back and remember the sports or the clubs or the evenings out or the lazy sundays. they forget the heavy cloak of loneliness and the sense of purposelessness and the fervent desire for “something more”. and-as in most things- the grass is always greener over the fence…)

no, i am not saying that all single people are unfulfilled. nor am i saying that all married people are unhappy. and in fact, neither of these is the subject of this post, although i’m happy to expand/expound on this topic if you are interested…

i have had friends ask me how i get motivated to _________________________ (anything from cleaning the kitchen to baking cookies to reorganizing our filing cabinets). and the honest answer is that i am SO lucky and SO fortunate because i don’t have to get motivated; i LOVE it!

*h decided that  on sundays, we should have family outings to places around seattle to acquaint us with the area. and as much as i like the idea of going out with everyone, in actual fact, i really enjoy being home.

with this weather, i have to stop myself from making giant pots of soup every day. i have visions of getting a wood stove and simmering stew on it all day long. the past few weeks, our heating system has been kind of hit-or-miss. mostly miss, and the heat we get upstairs is pretty much radiant heat from downstairs. so, i have had an excuse to run the oven (yes, the temperamental oven LOL- do you think we might have some bad juju in this house? hahahaha- not hardly, but it does give me pause sometimes…). one day i made batches and batches of cookies. the next day i baked breads and then roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots. my house smells great and i feel accomplished and my family gets stuck with way too much food 😉

today i have done bunches of paperwork, burned a lot of stuff in the fireplace, cleaned up the kitchen, and swept a few floors.

in about 15 minutes, i’m going on a date with *h to the grocery store (see how patient he is!) and then coming home to make supper. i’m hoping to vacuum later and maybe wash the kitchen floor.

and that to me is a day well spent. in fact, it’s almost perfect.

and thanks to the now infamous city of oak park, i have had plenty plenty of opportunities to nest both in oak park and now in seattle.

i wonder if i could sue them for the cost of cleaning products?