today’s mail- all the way in safe seattle, far far from faraway oak park- brought a new and different nastygram from the city of oak park.

no, it was not an invitation to a costume party.

it was not an apology letter.

it was not even a ‘hey, how are you doing? we miss not being able to harass you…’

and guess which department it issued from?

if you guessed the technical and planning services department, please give yourself a pat on the back and a generous prize.

i almost called this post “you can’t outrun the long arm of the law”

but that ticked me off too much so i didn’t.

and, can you guess the date on the letter?

i’ll give you a hint. oak park held a mayoral election on november 8th. you may recall that i strongly supported Marian McClellan, who challenged the incumbent mayor and ultimately knocked him off his pedestal.

so…date of the letter? date of the letter? anybody?

november 9th.

no kidding.

i hate to leave you in suspense, but my lawyer is back to work for the good ‘ole basses, checking on a few things for us.

i so badly want to reprint the entire letter, and hopefully soon i can- but until then, just know that a few friends from oak park wanted to let me know that they code enforcement had been around our former house (which is still in our name. although, once again, i am the only one named on the letter. weird, huh?). i didn’t much mind, since i don’t actually live there anymore- but it is being looked after by a very nice family. i actually joked that they must have been freaking out because the garden is gone, and i’m assuming there is “common” green grass- probably heavy on the chemicals, knowing the young family who is there. so, that should have been the technical and planning director’s nomination for “the most improved property of 2011”.  it has now been brought back to its very suitable state, right in line with what the city so desperately wanted.

but they are digging for dirt again.

and they are sending me letters again.

and our dogs are licensed and our concrete is solid and our house is maintained… oh, wait: I DON”T LIVE THERE ANYMORE.

stay tuned for the continuing saga.

in the meantime, my kids and i came across this clip from the health ranger, mike adams. this was their favorite clip of the summer, and i hope you will enjoy it as well. i wanted to post it directly on this blog, but i couldn’t figure out how.


but i do hope you enjoy it.