ok guys- it’s crunch time, so if you are in oak park, michigan or if you know of anyone in oak park, michigan-

please please, let’s get out the vote for Marian McClellan- it is not an understatement to say that the future direction of oak park rests on this election. if you can do anything at all- make one phone call, speak to one person, volunteer for one job- please know that it will be time well spent.

since we still have dear friends and loved ones who weren’t lucky enough to get outta dodge, we feel we have a stake in this election.

this is a sincere case of ending the tyranny of a long time political hack and replacing him with someone who is committed to the best interests of the citizens.

so, tomorrow’s the day-please spread the word, please post on other blogs and in other forums, let’s rock the vote and/or whatever slogan you choose to get you motivated and inspired. this is grass roots politics at its best. so, vote early and often, and best of luck to marian and all the residents of oak park!