listening to AM radio here, i was struck by 2 things this morning.

first is the weather report. i listen every day, and i just realized they could literally make one recording and just play it over and over:

today will be rainy with a chance of rain. we are expecting some rain later today, and maybe into the weekend. it will be chilly [this is odd, because even if the temperature is exactly the same- 50s to low 60s] sometimes they will say it’s a bit warmer and sometimes they will say chilly… maybe that’s just to shake things up a bit and make sure you are really listening…). there is a possibility of showers later this week. right now, it is raining with more rain expected…” and yes, i still love seattle.

the next was an ad for dental care. the ad talked about the high cost of dental care (i know about this firsthand, and even though we have what is considered to be good dental insurance, we rack up thousands of dollars a year in dental bills. and this is with staggering treatments so that we only have one or two of us getting major work done in any given year. yikes!)so, anyway- the ad said that you can go to europe for your dental care (please, i prayed- don’t send people to england for dental care! not england, not england…). you can save thousands while enjoying a beautiful european vacation at the same time!

that got me really curious. where would i want to visit in europe that would make me forget about my root canals and teeth pulled and whatever????

they talked a bit more about how beautiful and european your time would be and then they said, “…while you visit cities like budapest…”

oh man.

dental work in an eastern european formerly communist country? you’ve gotta be kidding me.

eastern europe is barely even actually europe- it just happens to be on the same continent. it’s like saying people from mississippi are like people from quebec. it may be geographically related, but in other ways- not so much… i had one russian friend from moscow who insisted that they were posh and european. sorry to say, but not being as backward as the country folk does not qualify as sophistication…

anyhow, i pictured dental work in hungary. one thing i can say for those eastern bloc countries: the people there are tough as anything. they can handle extremes of temperature without appropriate clothing and unfriendly food and uncozy surroundings and they will barely flinch.

“yes, we do bathe in ice water. it’s invigorating!”
“yes, i did serve nails and bolts for supper- it makes the kids’ teeth stronger!”

“of course we take newborns outside when it’s 380 degrees below zero. it builds character!”

i had some dental work done in israel, where people are similarly tough, and i’ll tell you that i was a crying sobbing mass of jello. they literally could not understand why i was bothered by a root canal with no pain meds (no, i’m not making that up). they were like, “man up girlie. what’s wrong with you? it’s only dental work”. and i was like, “aaaaaaarghrhrfjkjk vftiusyrfuyksfouyo…” (between sobs, of course…)

so, the idea of a beautiful european vacation to get dental work while i visit hungary is not so much at the top of my list of things to do.

my current idea of tough is going outside when it rains, so i may have a long way to go…

but that’s ok- since the forecast predicts rain, i’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice…