of course i love my family, and my kids are the lights of my universe (not to mention *h) and i love my close friends but this is going to be just a flat-out materialistic consumerist list of stuff i am so happy about:

i love books. i love that libraries are so close and so convenient, and even though our local library branch has about 38 books total, they will order me stuff from other branches. and then i get to give them back instead of having them clutter up my space. score!

i love socks. i know i’ve said it before, and i’m feeling a little obsessive, but i have found such warm cozy socks at the local target, and i just bought myself a new pair. i love that every day i can wear clean warm socks, even though i feel somewhat disloyal to my regular old socks from michigan. poor sad socks, but i will hopefully have a happy reunion with them come summertime!

i love being able to make soup. i love that i can conjure up magical pots of warm food out of odds and ends in my kitchen. i feel so competent. i feel like i can provide for the universe. i love that i have big giant pots to accommodate my soups, and that i have lots of tupperware containers to freeze them in, and a pressure canner from a friend that i will one day work up the courage to use.

i love that we have a fireplace. i always always wanted a fireplace, but thought it was a far-flung dream, like owning a private plane or a yacht. most people here seem to have fireplaces, so they think it’s funny that i’m so excited, but i am just loving it big time. and we bought a cast-iron poker- woohoo! (we also bought a hatchet for *h to chop up some wood- how manly is that?!?!? even just watching him carry it through lowe’s was like watching tarzan save jane. very cool…)

i love comfy pajamas. for a lot of years i just wore whatever clothes were too worn out to wear in public. i had ratty workout clothes or ratty skirts and ratty sweatshirts and old stained t-shirts. in the last few years i have started buying actual pajamas. i don’t have tons (have i mentioned i HATE clutter?) but i have enough to make me feel cozy and happy and well taken care of.

i love good pens. every year my most exciting time was just before a new semester of school, when i would treat myself to a new pen. i would take as long as i wanted, and be as picky as i wanted, and i would get an awesome pen that made me feel golden every time i wrote with it. i haven’t bought a pen in a while, but i have a fair collection of good ones, and *h brings home ones from work every once in a while to keep things exciting. since i am an obsessive list-maker, i pretty much use pens for most of every day. and having a good pen is like having an exquisite piece of chocolate. just hits the spot…

i love mugs. i can’t tell you exactly what makes a great mug, but some are big and some just fit well in my hand, and some are good for coffee and some are perfect for tea. they are all thick and sturdy, and this is the one thing *h would tell you i probably have too many of. but, i throw caution to the wind and just enjoy every one. life’s too short to be mugless, don’t you think?

i love sweaters and sweatshirts. i don’t have more than one or two right now that i love, but i’m hoping to make a trip out to the thrift store one day (sorry *h for admitting this in public, but i am who i am)- i love that most of what they have there is unique. i love that i can find the *perfect* sweater, and not just choose one thing of 100 exact copies on the rack. i love that i don’t have to feel guilty about buying something just cuz i like it, since i will pay about 83 cents for it. i love that i can hang out there and see zillions of new things and the selection will change every single time i go.

ok- my little one is needing more attention than i can give while i’m posting, so i’ll either add more another time or leave you hanging in suspense 🙂

have a great night! 🙂