apropos of nothing, we have been talking about adding a 3rd dog to our pack.

but, before i do the crazy dance, i want to sincerely thank everyone who posted a comment to my last post- your warmth and advice and caring is sooooooooooooooooo appreciated you will never know…

and now, back to the dog story.

once upon a time, we had enough dogs. we had enough noise, enough mess, enough vet bills. we knew our limitations, and after having various numbers and groupings of animals, we decided that 2 dogs suited us just fine.

then came puggle.

one friday night i had a dream that a dog looking like a small german shepherd came into our lives. he was a boy (unlike our all-girl dog family in real life), and he just fit. i felt so peaceful when i woke up, and i joked to *h all saturday morning that maybe we should just get that one more dog…

saturday afternoon a neighbor came to our house to borrow some dog food for a stray dog who followed them home. my oldest son went over to see the dog, and came back about 1/2 an hour later carrying the dog from my dream.

i promise i am not making that up.

the dog smelled horrible, but had the best most loving personality ever. we (meaning *h) gave him a bath, and i think we all kind of loved him from then on.

if i took a nap, he would sleep with me. if i was sick, he would lay with me. every time i came in the door, i got huge excitement and tail wag. he loved me to bits and was never aggressive or mean.

since we were so committed to our 2 dog situation, we put up lost dog fliers all over the place. we notified local animal hospitals and shelters. we put up signs in pet stores. we let animal control from oak park know that we had this dog- who was obviously loved and taken care of, so we assumed he would be immediately missed. we put ads on craigslist and petfinder.

no takers at all.

weeks were turning into months, and i LOVED this dog. i tried to listen to the brain and not the heart- hadn’t we been so clear that we didn’t want a third dog?

our dogs loved him and played beautifully with him. he lost some brownie points when he chewed up one of my daughter’s gloves, and he did have one accident, but he was such a charmer.

people at *h’s job had been talking about wanting a dog. several of them wanted just this type of dog. one sounded like the right family, and we agreed that they should take our guy so their family could live happily ever after.

and they did.

i stayed in the bedroom when they came to take him. i won’t tell you how much i cried over him. but i consoled myself that it was for the best.

before we left oak park, i made *h email that family to see how the dog was doing. i thought maybe they would let it slip that they were sick of him, or that he was too much responsibility. they never wrote back.

when my oldest son came to visit, i asked him (only half joking) if he would be willing to kidnap the dog and smuggle him to seattle.

i’m not sure exactly when we started to revisit the idea of another dog. it has crept up on us slowly, but it is persistent. strangely, every time *h and i have been out alone for the past few weeks, the place we were going was next door to somewhere having a dog adoption event.

none of the dogs was suitable, but then it’s hard to replicate true love, isn’t it?

we’re still kind of searching. sometimes it’s half-hearted. sometimes it’s in high gear. lots of times i will watch our dogs rough-housing and i am so glad we only have 2 instead of 3.  don’t even get me started on the vet bills.

so, i’m wondering if another amazing dog will come into our lives, or if puggle will find his way to our door through some crazy miraculous story that i would most certainly share with you here.

i don’t know what the future will bring, but on most sane days i am pretty glad we don’t have more dogs than we do.

but if the right one would come along again…

on ne sait jamais