sorry i’ve been somewhat absent here… i’ve been having some challenging neurological flare-ups. one of the funny/not funny things that happens is that my brain generates the wrong words for common things.

i told my son to put his coat in the refrigerator.

i asked my daughter to put the milk in the stove.

i have been known to ask people to take something to the toilet.

more commonly, i will either say things like, “can you get me the thing from there?” and some of my family actually understand me.

i also do a lot of pointing. ” i need…” gesturing across the room. that tends to create a lot of frusdtration form everyone.

i also lose some ability to spell- even when i clearly know how top spell a smple word, it will come out wrong. i have had to retype most of the words in this post.


so, i am having fairly painful migraines, balance prolems, word problems, and i need a new neurologist.

i have seen good things online about;

sylvia lucas

patrick hogan

michael elliot

r. steven singer

joel konikow

i am leaning toward michael elliot.

if you have personal experiance with any of these doctors, or you know of a good neurologist near the 98118 zip code, could you please post here? thanks so much in advance!