i have a friend who is from seattle. her husband is a doctor- one of my doctors in fact- so i asked her to get a recommendation for someone for me to see in seattle. (please do not start recommending doctors for me- i appreciate your input, but on this i’m gonna find my own way)

she basically told me that her husband thinks that everyone here is high all the time, so it wasn’t even worthwhile to ask him.

hunh. that should have been some food for thought, but okay…

flash forward to us living in seattle.

i walked past a sweet young couple with a toddler in the grocery store. the husband smelled so strongly of marijuana that i wondered if he had done some new age marijuana bath or something. it wasn’t his clothes- the scent was like oozing from his pores.

in the parking lot of a different store, a guy sat in his car unabashedly smoking a joint. did i miss something, or is pot totally legal in washington?

at the pike place market a few weeks ago, my kids and i stopped to admire some really pretty handmade glass things. the little ones asked me what they were and i said, “um- maybe a paperweight or something? probably some kind of decoration.” the seller was looking at me kind of funny, and now this many weeks later, the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. they were pipes! oh, duh…

after one of my teenagers asked me today about getting one of those small metal clips with the feathers hanging from it, i felt like i should educate her a little bit on what roach clips are used for. i guess some people just like to keep them handy in case there is a sudden must-use-pot emergency…

seriously, i have not been around this much marijuana since middle school. my best friend’s mom had a boyfriend who was a big stoner. he kept a special box and this guy and my friend’s mom would sit on the couch every night and watch TV and get high. they kept a cookie jar full of oreos in the kitchen that we were strictly forbidden from eating. i promise i am not making that up. at the time i just thought they were kind of weird, but now i have a bit more insight into that whole situation…

i managed to avoid the drug crowd all throughout middle school and high school, and the university i went to let people live off campus, so there were no dorms. i studied a lot and worked several jobs, so partying was not high on my list of priorities. as in, it was not on my priority list at all. so, let’s say i’ve lived a sort of sheltered existence about this stuff.

one of our neighbors has daily and nightly gatherings of friends and family. they are perfectly pleasant people. i guess they are so mellow because they’re high as can be on a regular basis. they hang out and talk and smoke and blow smoke amid nieces and nephews and grandchildren and whomever happens to be strolling by. the truck driver for our move was kind enough to point out to my 13 year old that those neighbors were smoking weed, so he should probably stay away from them. i hesitate to leave windows open too long, in case we all get a contact buzz. i guess if you ever see us at the grocery store buying 83 frozen burritos and 9 dozen chocolate bars, you will know they’ve gotten to us.

people here are friendly and sweet and easy-going and helpful.

but holy cow- what’s up with smoking the good stuff in seattle???????????????