i know there is an expression similar to that, but i’m totally drawing a blank on what it is…

in any case, that’s not really the point.

i once heard a very poignant speech by a holocaust survivor. she was telling how after the war, she was so so grateful for each and every thing. every time she cooked, she was grateful to have food. every time she mended an article of clothing, she was grateful to have clothes. every time she cleaned, she was grateful to have a home of her own and possessions that needed cleaning.

it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with repetitive chores. you wash dishes, someone comes and makes more. you do laundry and before it is even folded, there is more in the hamper. you bake and someone eats every crumb. lather rinse repeat. lots of work that traditionally falls on women is this kind of repetitive stuff that is constantly in need of doing over. it’s like the myth of the guy (sisyphus? )who has to roll the boulder up the hill, and just as he gets near the top, the boulder rolls all the way back down. so, he rolls it up and it rolls itself back down. no completion. no satisfaction.

to combat this feeling of being mired in drudgery, i try to remember how lucky i am for every single thing.

i have to cook a big meal? well, there are plenty of people out there without enough to eat.

i have so much laundry all the time? there are people who are lonely and who have no family around to love and to love them back.

i have to clean my house? i don’t even have to remind anyone about homeless people or those who live in substandard conditions. worldwide, it’s even worse.

so, this weekend, i am going to try to be really mindful as i go about my activities. instead of feeling like a martyr, i should feel like the luckiest person on earth.

instead of feeling put out, i am going to work on feeling blessed.

instead of being short tempered i am going to try to be giving.

instead of grumbling when i have to get up from what i’m doing to help someone else, i’m going to try to remember that these are the people who give meaning and purpose to my life.

i hope you have a similarly productive weekend.