i’m sitting in my new kitchen, at my old table, looking out of my huge new windows at the rain. when i saw it getting grey outside earlier, i got that “oh no” feeling- here we go with the overcast dreary seattle…

but i love the sound of the rain outside. i love being warm and dry while i watch puddles forming on the neighbor’s driveway. i love the blowing wind and the happy plants and the vibrant green everything gets when it’s drenched.

i love that i have giant windows on two sides of the house, and that from my kitchen (where i have bread in the oven and a pot of potato leek soup on the stove) i can see my back yard and my neighbor’s side yard.

i am so lucky to be able to watch their tomatoes and sunflowers, and our bench and swing, and my happy dry dogs, and my warm and snuggly kids.

a few days ago i felt like i was drowning in possessions. our movers, who were absolute darlings in every possible way, packed several rooms together, so that i have about 30 boxes that are labeled as something, and actually contain a collection of things from various places in the house. i was getting irritated that i had to sort through every single box to figure out what was there, and then i realized: i have what i need.

i have everything i need.

yes, i have a grocery list, and a to-do list, and a few bits and pieces here and there that would make things run smoother. but overall, i am at a place in my life where i really do have what i need.

what a tremendous thing that is.

some of the things i had to leave behind in detroit magically appeared here. i couldn’t take my cleaning products (the truck was not allowed to transport open chemicals…), and the people who lived here just happened to leave me a complete set of awesome cleaning stuff. i left a broom and dust pan set, and guess what we found in this house? yep- new broom and dust pan. i needed some paper towel, and you’ll never guess what i found in the bathroom cabinet: paper towel!

not only do i have my regular accoutrements, but i got some upgrades here as well. you know those wire mesh shelves you can put in a corner cabinet and they swing out so you can put stuff way in the back of the cabinet and still have access to it? i explained it badly, but i got not one, but two of those! i have another slidey thing under the kitchen sink, and more in the cupboards for my other large kitchen stuff.

i have a beautiful kitchen floor- it looks kind of like stone but it’s flat. it’s the kind of floor i would admire in someone else’s house, but not have either the fashion sense or the financial ease to have gotten for myself. it’s super pretty, and it’s exactly the right colors, and it’s really truly mine in my house!

i have 3 bathrooms! i have enough room for my whole family, i have a sturdy roof that doesn’t leak, and a pretty back yard in need of a goat to nibble down a few things, and a garage to store garage-y things. i have a comfy bed and a great quilt, and soft pillows, ans shampoo that smells like strawberries. i have an extra freezer to fill with goodies and a healthy family and lots of people here doing everything they can to make our transition easier.

there were really happy yellow plaid curtains on the kitchen windows, and i washed them so i can rehang them. i would never have thought to buy those curtains, but they make me smile every time i see them!

my husband has a good job, and my kids are awesome, and there are so many wonderful things to discover in seattle that i think it will take me years to see and do them all.

i don’t mean to brag or to gloat, but i am just feeling so completely full of blessings that i wanted to share them here.

yes, it’s grey outside. yes, it’s raining. but it looks like a beautiful impressionist painting that has smears of exactly the right shades to suggest shadows but also sunlight and tranquility.

it’s beautiful and i’m happy and i’m loving my life right now.

stay tuned…