well, to be perfectly honest, he already knows.

i’m in love with our new house!

yes, i came during the summer to look at houses. yes, i loved this house the minute i walked in. (the real estate agent was like, “um, don’t you want to see the kitchen or bedrooms or something?” i said, “sure! but i know already that this is our house!”) yes, i saw other houses, yes *h took photos of the inside of the house so we could show them to the kids and i could look at them as often as i wanted to get an idea of where to put our stuff.

yes, we splurged and had each bedroom painted (each child got to pick out his or her own color, which was a fantastic idea to help them feel like the new room in the new house was their very own!). yes, we are having the carpets all cleaned to get rid of the closed-up-house smell. yes, someone will be coming in today to scrub down the bathrooms and the kitchen.

yes, there have been some cosmetic things to take care of (which we were never able to do anywhere else we lived), but the house is just AWESOME!

i love the storage in the kitchen. (there are pull out drawers in the cabinets and a circular wire thing in each corner cabinet to make it easier to access pots and pans that otherwise would be way back in the dark of the cabinet). i love the closets in the hallway for linen and misc. i love the way the stairs are not steep and the light fixtures hang over the staircase and the garage door opens.

i love the flow of the space and the amount of storage and the entire wall of windows that looks toward the mountains.

i love the pantry closet in the kitchen and the basketball court (no, not full size!) in the back yard, and the pear tree that the neighbors asked us if their children could pick from.

i love the size of the closets in the bedrooms and the beautiful paint job that was done and the stone floor when you first walk in.

i love that the doorbell works and the back yard is fenced in and the front yard has space for an extra car that will not block our garage.

i love that we have space to eat in the kitchen and we have bamboo growing in the front yard and we have almost endless possibilities for doing groovy stuff on our property.

i love that there is an AM radio in the kitchen and a deck off the living room and that they left us a bunch of cleaning supplies (i had to leave mine behind in oak park because the trucker was not allowed to transport liquid chemicals.see how the universe takes care of you?)

they left us garbage bags (empty!) and some really nice mops and brooms and a beautiful piano that is in need of tuning.(which we hoped they would leave for us!)

oh, and did i mention that there are SKYLIGHTS in the bathrooms?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (zen like shout/song of happiness!!)

truly, the house is even better than i remembered it!

we are supposed to be officially getting the keys tonight, which will make it that much more real that this is our house. i can hardly believe it, but i am GIDDY with happiness!!!

i hope today will be as wonderful as yesterday.

i miss my people in oak park, but i gotta tell you- so far i am LOVING seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!