ryan the garden guru was back today to help me disassemble the garden beds.

what this actually means is that ryan raked up the mulch, shoveled up the dirt, took apart the bed frames, loaded a million shovels full of dirt onto his truck, took out some plants to give to my neighbor, spread the remaining dirt flat, and landscaped our front yard.

because he is ryan, he did it mostly without any help, all of it without complaining, and every bit without making me feel terrible that he doesn’t make/allow me to help or do anything for him in exchange.

because he is ryan, he did an amazing job, left my yard looking professionally taken care of, and didn’t hesitate for a moment when he ended up with additional work.

because he is ryan, he came back from dropping off some dirt with slurpees for my entire family. he was patient and kind with my kids, even when they were in the way.

because he is ryan, he is coming back tomorrow to do me a favor that has nothing at all to do with the garden, and he is taking the little free time he has to help me.

because he is ryan, he was good natured when he was swept up in our garden woes, totally calm and steady about being in our corner even when then corner looked like a pretty bad place to be, and an absolutely solid friend throughout.

ryan is the kind of guy who you genuinely hope wins the lottery (even though he would probably give most of the money away, since he is who he is). he is the guy who you want good things for, and the one who makes you cheer when nice things happen for him.

since i have had this blog, i have had many people do spontaneously sweet things for me. i have gotten care packages, and beautiful e-mails, and cards, and gifts. so, since this blog seems to possess tremendous power to suck awesome people into its vortex, i am throwing it out to the universe that ryan is a keeper.

i don’t know where you are or what you do. i know some of your names, but not really who you are in real life. so, i am just saying here that if you ever want to do something nice for a stranger, pick ryan. if you have some great resource at your disposal, i  nominate ryan to receive it. if you are in the area and you come across ryan, treat him with every bit of kindness you can muster.

because in a dog-eat-dog world, ryan has given us the best gift of all, and that is the gift of unselfish giving.

so, although it doesn’t come close to summing it up,  thank you ryan.

and i mean a lot.