i’m back from the surgeon with good news and funny news.

he has okayed me to drive, which will set my anxious daughter’s mind at ease, since i have been driving for 2 days and it is making her crazy. she actually threatened to throw my keys out the window yesterday, but after almost 2 weeks of no driving and no husband around to drive, i felt like going out the window too.

he told me not to cook (hahahaha- really?). we are still getting suppers sent in by friends, but me not cooking is like a kleptomaniac not stealing. to sum that up: it’s a test of sheer grit that i most certainly fail. yes, my daughters are great. i even taught one of my sons yesterday to make macaroni and cheese. but me without an oven nearby isn’t realistic any time soon.

he told me not to pack. this made my husband very happy, and made me chuckle. since most of my rooms now have stacks of boxes topped by empty boxes on top waiting to be fillied, the chances that i can resist throwing in a thing here and a thing there are pretty much 0%.

he told me not to clean, which is sort of easy since there are boxes everywhere. on the flip side, though, i had big plans to scrub down all of the kitchen counters tonight (my kids keep telling me to do something fun, and that’s a blast!). i thought i might sneak in the stove top and the microwave while i’m at it. so, this is probably why he told me no- because i live with a terminal case of the ‘just’s.

as in, “i’m just gonna pack one more box.”

“as long as i’m in the den, i’ll just sort the rest of the books.”

“since i had to come into the kitchen to put this book away, i’ll just clean out the sink.”

“it’s silly to be holding the cleaning spray and just do one job, so i’ll just wipe out the sink and the tub.”

often, i ‘just’ myself into bed and back onto pain meds. i know that by confessing my sins to all of you, i am less likely to repeat them.

so, i’m going to stop and try to take it easy. i think i will go lay down.

i’m just gonna do a few quick things on the way to my room…