i remember this song from some time during my school years. luckily, i avoided a crush on john cougar (was he mellencamp yet?), but i did have it pretty bad for billy idol. and i briefly coveted howard jones, after seeing him in concert, but i think he was married at the time :0

anyway, this phrase “hurt so good” always kind of bothered me. as an adult, i can understand that pain can be a singnal that something is wrong. whether in the body or in a relationship, pain should be a warning that something is awry.

but pain for pain’s sake? not a big fan.

enjoying hurt for the purity of the sensation? not me, thank you.

so, this new pain of recovering  is not a happy visitor.

i should really embrace the discomfort, and know that each day of this is bringing me closer to feeling better. i should mark the progress i’ve made instead of wallowing in pity. i should celebrate what i can do and not worry about what i can’t.

but in the words of a great comedienne, i should stop “shoulding” on myself 🙂

i wanted to post a recipe today but they are mostly packed. i thought i would say something insightful or inspiring, but my brain is empty. i fantasized about maybe writing one of the most powerful posts ever written, but hahahaha- it’s exactly at times like this that the universe laughs in your face.

so, i am choosing to laugh back.

it’s kind of funny that i’m still walking like i’m 16 months pregnant.

it’s sort of silly that my hands are still not totally under my command, even though today i have had no pain meds at all.

it’s a bit chuckle-worthy that i am literally scheduling my showers around when i will see the doctor next, even though it’s about 108 degrees outside (only 80ish inside), and i am sweating like a felon awaiting trial. (who wants to marry me now, fans???? hahahaha)

it’s utterly ridiculous that i am using various baby wipes and face wipes and cleaning wipes to swipe surfaces of my body that are easy to reach, instead of actually using the indoor plumbing that i  am ever-so-grateful for.

so, i’m a sweaty whiney dirty complainy uninspired non-felon garden renegade who does not hurt in a good way, but who still has a sweet and loyal following even though the garden is now in the backdrop.

who could ask for anything more?   😉

take that, universe!