For all of the readers out there I thought I would give you an update on Julie’s progress. Yes this is *h on his first guest post appearance.

thegardenrenegade is recovering nicely from her surgery. In the spirit of the Tortoise and the Hare, (or maybe I should say a vegetable garden), progress is slow, but slow and steady wins the race. With the renegade confined to the bed and the very comfortable reclining chair, packing has come to a halt (we will be leaving the remaining packing to the movers), baking has stopped, and directorship of the garden has been temporarily transitioned to the *daughters.

The garden continues to blossom, we have harvested a torrent of tomatoes, a multitude of melons, a colony of carrots and cucumbers, and a pride of peppers! Julie filled up a couple of bags of veggies and delivered them to the Oak Park Police station just before her surgery. I guess the Oak Park Police may now be replacing doughnuts with organic produce!

It has been an interesting week, with the surgery, the sale/renting of the house in Oak Park, the purchase of a house in Seattle, the garden, and the approaching movement of the entire house 2000+ miles across the country, we are learning a lot about details.

Who would have thought that a trampoline would cost and cause so many issues. Yes, you can take the trampoline, but there will be an extra charge ($225), yes you can have a trampoline in Seattle, but the prefered homeowners insurance doesn’t like trampolines, Yes, the non prefered homeowners insurance likes trampolines (because they can charge you a higher rate). Sorry kids, the trampoline will be staying in Oak Park!!!!

Ping pong table…..cost less than $200, and will cost an additional premium charge of $250 to move it. huh? unless I take it apart first then there is no charge. No extra charge on the homeowners rates for a ping-pong table….so yes kids, we will take the ping-pong table.

I wonder what the charge will be to move the garden?!! 🙂

Thats all I have for now, the veggie renegade will most likely be back on the blog within the next few days for a lot more interesting posts.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, prayers, and thoughts! 🙂