i wish i knew whose saying that is- it sounds a little alcoholics anonymous, but i would like to give credit to whoever said it, because it’s a great reminder. so, let’s all agree that i didn’t make it up, and if you know who did, they deserve every bit of credit.

i was driving down the road today with the windows open and happiness seemed to just be floating in the air. it was one of those perfect days where it was warm enough to feel the sun kissing your skin, but not so hot that you feel like you are turning into a blob of goo. it wasn’t humid and it wasn’t blindingly bright. it was just perfect and it smelled good and i had all of the windows open and i was loving every second. and i realized  that the best way to get out of a blah mood is to count your blessings and realize how fortunate you are.

i went to the bakery today and bought several loaves of fresh bread. i thought back to a few years ago when we could only afford day-old. fresh bakery bread is squishy and mushy and soft and warm – day old is not so much. and since one of the things i bought was onion rolls, my car smelled all nice and oniony. fresh bread is so uniquely delicious, and we can have it pretty much whenever we want. it’s a small thing, but it is symbolic to me of our better standard of living. we really do have a lot to be grateful for.

i went to the dollar store today and bought a bunch of treats for the kids. we try to get them something really yummy and sugary once a week, and since i will be out of commission for the next week or two i bought a bunch. it felt really decadent to fill up my basket (the handheld kind- not the huge grocery cart type. we are not that silly!). and even though the total price was under $20, i still felt so rich to be able to just choose whatever i wanted from the shelves and not have to worry about each dollar. i can remember walking in to stores- even dollar stores- and trying to figure out what the most pressing thing on my list was, so i could prioritize and get only the top few items, because that’s all we could afford. so, we are not exactly rich (not really anywhere close, actually!), but we are mostly comfortable- and that is an incredible place to be.

we are trying to eat the food that’s in our cabinets and freezers so we don’t have so much extra stuff to deal with when we move. so, food that i usually reserve for special dinners- chicken breasts, salmon, meat for the slow cooker- is getting eaten at regular meals. we feel like royalty. and many of the meals also include vegetable from our garden. just today *h made himself an omelette with farm eggs, our green pepper, our chives, and our tomatoes. he loved it, it smelled great, and we are so appreciative of our bounty.  and instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of food we will have to give to other people (mostly our neighbors, then the rest to a food bank), i am feeling very blessed to have such abundance.

i am realizing also that lots of people will step up to the plate if you ask them to. i’m a big fan of being a giver and not a receiver (that’s been reversed too many times for my comfort over the years of me being sick), but our community is once again rallying around us. i have to have some surgery tomorrow and a friend has offered to coordinate meals to be sent to our house for the next two weeks. people who are busy with their own lives and their own families are taking time and money that is in short supply and using it to make sure we have nutritious home-cooked meals while i am recovering. i would absolutely do that for someone else, but to have it done for me is a very humbling experience. and it makes me remember what i love about being here.

i had to go get some blood tests today at the hospital blood lab. i looked around at people with babies and small kids who needed blood work. i looked at older people and even my age people, and i realized that some of them are really sick. they are going for cancer-related blood work, or serious illness blood work, and i’m sure lots of other things i could only imagine. some of the people were crying, and some of them were just quiet- but too quiet, where it’s eery and you think they might be a zombie or something. and i thanked god and luck and karma and whatever else comes into play that i am having something minor and non-life threatening, and they can take care of it easily, and it will help me. done. gotta be grateful for that one!!

i have amazing kids. they are resilient and hard working and empathic and kind. they are circling the wagons, protecting and taking care if each other through the stress of packing/moving/relocating/ etc. i am so proud of them ,and i know i don’t tell them nearly enough. so i am telling you and you can pass it on 😉 they are awesome, and sometimes i just stop and contemplate how we have managed to raise such great people. it just takes your breath away.

and we can’t forget *h. he is sitting next to me doing something or other on his new phone, waiting for me to go to bed. he could be in bed now- all comfy and snuggled under the covers, but he is here, telling me he will be my rock and supporting me and putting up with my stress and my craziness. he is the foundation of this family, and i have a sneaking suspicion that he deserves a lot of the credit for the way our kids are turning out.

so, i think i will stop blogging and go tell him.

and i’m sure that by tomorrow i will have more to be grateful for.

maybe *h will even do a guest post or two over the next few days…

now there’s a teaser, huh?????