hello folks!

i have a quick thing to throw out there, and then i will try to do an actual post.

we are left with some money in the legal defense fund, and i would like to offer anyone who donated a few options:

1- if you would like your donation returned (minus whatever credit card fees or processing fees there are), please contact our attorney. he has been overseeing the money, and he knows who donated what. this will need to happen fairly soon- i would ask that you contact him before the close of business on friday, please.

2- i would like to donate some of the money to the woman who is running for mayor in oak park. she is looking to unseat the incumbent mayor, who has served so long that he seems to regard oak park as his own private sandbox. what happened here should never have happened in any city with any governmental accountability. i would like to try to leave oak park better off than i found it, and i think this would be a huge step in that direction.  i think the best chance oak park has for real change and reform will come if she is elected, and i would like to give her some financial support. if you think this is not a good use for the money, and you are someone who donated, please let me know.

3- i found a charity that i would like to help. it is called the farmer-veteran coalition. their website is www.FarmVetCo.org. they help returning military personnel to get job skills and in some cases rehabilitation by setting them up to work with farmers who need help. it is a win-win situation where the military folks can recuperate/rejuvenate/rehabilitate in a calm supportive environment and the farmers get fit, healthy, strong young men and women who are willing to help them on their farms. i think this is another great use for money that was given to me to promote my “farming” and to help me when i was down, and i would like to pay it forward. again, if you donated and you have a problem with this, please let me know.

so, that’s all the business for now. stay tuned for an actual blog post!