that would be: none.

unless you are handy and creative (we are neither), i would strongly advise you never ever to keep broken stuff. i’m not even talking about the stuff you think you will fix one day; i’m talking about stuff that isn’t usable, but you put away thinking it might magically repair itself.

so i, as guardian of all that is house-bound, do a periodic inventory of what we own. i count backpacks (cannot exceed the number of people in our family), luggage, laundry supplies, and toys. so, if i see 14 suitcases, i assume that we do, in fact, have 14 suitcases. ditto the backpacks. ditto other stuff.

tonight *h was trying to find some luggage for his upcoming trip. i was, quite surprisingly, in the laundry room, which also doubles as our storage room. so he was looking for a large suitcase, and i said, “how about that one?” and he said, “oh, that one’s broken.” huh??? so, i figured i got that wrong. and i asked him, “why do we own a broken suitcase?” and he said oh, that was my mother’s from when she visited us last time and she didn’t take it home with her because it’s broken.

okay, but why do we own it????? as in, why didn’t it get repaired or thrown away?

no answer was forthcoming, which reminded me of the other (pick any large number) times that this has happened in the past week.

“no, mommy, i can’t use my backpack. it’s all torn.” (might have been good to let me know that any of the zillion times i asked if you had a working backpack)

“i have no pajamas.” (ok, so what are those things stuffed full in your drawers? oh, they are outgrown- silly me for not magically knowing that…)

and on and on it goes. the more that boxes crowd our living space, the more this move is becoming real. the more the kids are stressed, the more i am feeling short on patience. the more the clock ticks down to *h leaving, the more there is to do before he leaves.

thursday i have a big medical thing coming up. i think that is throwing the stress levels all out of whack.

my sisters have been visiting from out of state, and they are leaving tomorrow, so we just finished saying our good-byes. i am no good at farewells, so i usually just try to be in denial. but that comes to a crashing halt when/if i actually have to say good-bye to anyone.

and, amidst all the chaos, i have misplaced some very important papers that i am hoping did not end up getting packed by mistake.

so, just like before my court dates, i assume you will be seeing a lot of posts from me in the upcoming days. most will probably be rambles just like this one.

but there may be a few diamonds in the rough, so, let’s all stay hopeful 🙂