actually, we are trying to cull our possessions. i am generally an unabashed get-rid-of-things kind of person. but with 6 kids, complete with their paraphernalia, we’ve got a fair amount of gear.

my prefered approach to moving is to decide what we really really want, and then take it and make do when we get there. i am kind of looking forward to clean clear spaces and well organized rooms.

star husband (i was thinking i should start writing it as *h…) thinks we should take everything and give away extra stuff when we get there.

i am confident that seattle will have freecycle or some other network for rehoming things like furniture. i just don’t want to get there and feel choked by our possessions as we are unpacking. i’m sure there is a middle ground, and we are looking to find it.

one of the things i am bringing for no particular reason is my wheelchair. i don’t know why i would want it around. you would think it would evoke all kinds of bad memories of being disabled and confined, but having it around is reassuring for me. i feel like it is there if i ever should need it again. which is kind of weird, because if i ever did need one, i am sure i could get  one there. i am really trying to assess level of need for each item we take. *h thinks that, as long ashis new company is paying to move our stuff, we should move all of our stuff.

so, for those of you who have done a big move, or for those of you who haven’t but want to weigh in anyhow- let me know what you think. how do you have the comfort of familiar things without letting your possessions possess you?