i can’t really say “final”, because i’m sure i will have more after we get there, but these are some of the things i wanted to remember to write about:

(as usual, in no particular order…)

the people in seattle are groovy, but not flaky. they are chilled out, but they aren’t so chilled that they aren’t totally on the ball. my good friend E is like this, so i am imagining that i will like lots of people in seattle, because they will all remind me of her.

my youngest daughter continued throughout the trip to call mount rainier “the volcano”. i thought it was super cool to see because when you actually could see it, it looked like it was sitting on top of a cloud chair. mountain-on-a-throne. but she thought it was great that it was a volcano, and that is still one of her favorite things to tell people about seattle.

ok- what is up with safeco field? i think they need to call back the architect and have him start over, because his building is downright scary. when we first saw it, driving toward downtown, i assumed it was either a prison or a leftover mental asylum from the days when they tortured people with mental illnesses. then we saw the big letters “safeco” on the side, and we pondered what a “safeco” could be. do they make safes? is it some bizarre futuristic furniture company? best bet was that it was an abandoned warehouse that was used as a backdrop for a horror film. in either case, i hope the designer of that place has found a new line of work. maybe designing weapons or something, because that appears to be where his passion is…

and krispy kreme- yuck! unequivocal thumbs down. for years and years i have heard people rapturously describe krispy kreme. they melt in your mouth- they are amazing- imagine the best thing you ever ate and multiply that by 50… um, no. not exactly. to my unseattle palate, it was more like- find some used oil from a chinese restaurant. store it in an unsafe way so that it will taste borderline rancid. take a puff of dough and soak it in that oil, and then smear some disguising agent on top, like chocolate or sprinkles. i won’t go as far as to say it’s the worst thing i ever tasted (that would be my mother’s “hamburger soup”), but it was pretty awful. we couldn’t even get my kids to eat them, and that says a lot.

this one will come as no shock to you, i’m sure- but how fabulous are gay men? downtown seattle seems to have more than its fair share, and while some are only average-y, most were rocking it! my gay male friends would be so jealous at how easily seattle’s gay community seems to just be so utterly-um- WHOA… any one of them could have been a model for a trendy store (so maybe they were homeless???), but i would just like to formally recognize them for doing what they do.

and one last thing: the garden is doing great 🙂  i know that’s really the big draw here, so i figured i would keep you posted 😉