i know that usually when people have a collection, it is a gathering of similar objects in one place. but here i present to you a unique collection, in that none of the things has any relation to any other.

we just attempted to go to the pike street market. it looks so awesome and fantastic- but i was getting carsick to the point where we either had to park or leave, and shockingly, we could not find a parking spot. we might venture out later for a walk in that direction and see if we have better luck. all i know is there was  a farmstand with pesticide free blueberries, so color me happy!

we have been watching a family movie every night before bed. the first night was hop- very cute movie. last night we were scrolling through the choices and there was a scoobie doo movie. i thought it might be too scary before bed, but for some reason, my daughter thinks it was called “doodle dog” and she has mentioned several times today that maybe we cold watch doodle dog tonight. gotta love that kid.

right now we are back in the hotel going over paperwork for the potential new house. we are finding out things that may be deal breakers, like that the downstairs toilet leaks, and there may or may not be a leak in the roof. being an adult is so hard- it would be great if we had a mommy or daddy to say, “don’t worry, sweetie. we will take care of that, and all you have to worry about is watching your doodle dog movie and eating fresh berries.” but WE are the adults now, and we have some hard choices to make. too bad we are not handy, and too bad star husband spends too much time at work to learn how to do things like toilet repair…

i am currently drinking international coffee with my kids. yes, i am letting the little ones each have 1/2 cup of coffee. but i think this coffee is like 80% sugar, 23% cocoa, and 2% coffee. we may pay for this at bed time, but right now we are an inch away from losing our cool for the 80th time, so a little coffee break seemed in order.

this may go over badly, but i am amazed by how many different types of asian people there are. there are stores and restaurants and shops with so many different types of writing, and i wish i was more linguistically brilliant so i could learn thai and korean and vietnamese and cambodian and lots of other cool looking/sounding languages. i have a friend with red hair and blue eyes who speaks fluent japanese. she goes to these ethnic markets and requests things, and when they try to give her a bad deal or an inferior product, she says to them in perfect japanese, “what do i look like to you, an english speaking dumb irish girl?” ah, if i only had a brain…

oh yeah, and there are people from somalia. i know close to nothing about somalia, but the people we see are always daddies with a few kids in tow, and the little girls have little head coverings and little long shirt things on. they even have african clothing stores, and i wish i had the nerve to stop and try on a long flowing multi-colored dress.  i want to just stare and stare, but i don’t want to make them feel weird. in detroit we have black people, but they are african-american the way that i am hungarian- american. meaning not really at all. to see actual real african-americans is like watching a national geographic special. i just wish there was a narrator so i could know more!

star husband just crashed out on the bed. one minute he was sending faxes and trying to manipulate the kids into eating chicken nuggets for supper (not happening), and the next minute he is laying across the insanely comfy bed and sleeping. poor star husband- it’s been a long haul, and he is carrying most of the weight. it will be nice for all of us when things settle down a bit…

i am really missing my kids at home. they are all good, but i wish they could be here to see and experience all of this exciting stuff. we are keeping them in the loop with about a thousand text messages and a hundred pictures an hour, but i still wish they were here. i can’t wait until they actually come, although the chances of being able to sight-see when we move here are pretty slim. maybe star hubby can bring them downtown on a sunday or something while i unpack.

the hopefully new house needs some interior painting, so each of the kids gets to choose a color for their room. this could be a giant fiasco, with me wishing down the road that i had just painted everything white and told them to suck it up, but so far everyone seems really really excited. it’s nice that they will have a reason to look forward to the move and have some ownership of the new house even before we move.

right now my daughter is sitting on the window ledge looking down on beautiful stuff and eating BBQ (right- they don’t spell it out) pringles. my son is indisposed in the other room, and star H is still asleep. usually on trips we have a whole agenda of things to do, and i am all about packing snacks  and extra stuff and researching where we are going, etc. in short, it’s not too relaxing to be on vacation with mama bear. but right now everyone is just chilled. it’s the middle of the afternoon and we are just hanging out. and i really like it! i have to make a mental note to do this more often. a girl could get used to this…

the blueberries and raspberries that we are snacking on are the same ones we get at home; driscolls. but they taste so much better here. guess why- because they are from california. so, we usually get them shipped like a million miles, and here they are almost fresh. i’m even more inspired to get to pike street and get some truly fresh stuff. if all of my kids were here, i might even be tempted to not go home. but i have things to do there, and the allure of the lists beckon. and i really miss my kids. have i mentioned that before?

so, there you have my short collection of nothing at all. i hope i will be able to post again later, but i couldn’t just leave you all hanging, right?