star hubby gets credit for the title of this post. and just to let you  know up front, it is totally g-rated!

one more thing to love about fancy hotels that we are not paying for: the spoons in the room. we have a rather elegant coffee service set up in each room (they gave us two adjoining because we brought 2 kids with us. how funny- we just planned to all pile into 2 beds. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. don’t tell anyone we are actually from the year 1594.) i noticed the spoons right away when we came into the room last night, but i got so busy feeding the birds and rearranging pillows and finding a decent AM radio station, that i forgot about the awesome spoons.

i have laid down the gauntlet that, although they are completely useless for anything besides stirring coffee and feeding babies, i simply MUST have a set of these spoons when we move here. i am not exactly a packrat type, so my husband knows he should take this request with utter sincerity.

i did take a photo of the illustrious spoon, but i have to finish typing before i put up the photo, because i can’t figure out how to write more after i put up the pic.

so, i did my hotel thing this morning and made a cup of coffee. they always tell you how super premium their coffee is, but the truth is that the way i drink it, i really can’t tell. i use all of the sugar packets and all of the creme. today that means 4 sugars and about 5 cremes. yes, that is alot, but my taste in coffee runs somewhere between childish and ridiculous. recall my addiction to coffee cooladas. i just cannot abide a bitter beverage. i am slightly envious of people who enjoy actual coffee, as opposed to the melted coffee ice cream flavor that i so prefer. it seems so adult to me when people drink tea without a quart of honey or a colonial year’s worth of sugar. they just sip this nasty stuff and then discuss the taste like it’s some gourmet experience. can you detect an undertone of rose hips? i love this _________________ coffee- it has such a deep and complex flavor…

really? cuz to me it kind of tastes like hot liquid cough medicine. whenever i read about a medieval recipe for medicinal potions, i think about coffee or tea. but people actually choose to enjoy those flavors. go figure…

anyway, the little ones are climbing the walls to go down and get some cereal (travellers’ diet- yum!) (NOT!). so, here, i present to you, the most awesome spoon i have ever encountered: