i think that’s a line from a song, but it has seemed so fitting these last few days, i thought i would borrow it.

i was checking for pickable produce in my garden a day or two ago and one of my daughters was keeping me company. she discovered that the yellow (low acid) teardrop tomatoes were ripe, so she asked if she could try one. sure, i said. that’s what they’re here for! and she liked it so much she asked if she could eat more. and while i was picking other stuff, she just stood that snacking until she had finished all the ripe tomatoes. it was so great to see her so happy, and enjoying the taste so much. i loved knowing exactly where those tomatoes came from and how they grew. priceless moment #1.

we like to make salads pretty often. we had some romaine lettuce and a few scallions around,  but not much else for salads. so i sent the kids out to the garden to scavenge, and they came back in with a handful of tomatoes, some cucumbers, and a few green beans. we washed them and threw them into the salad. one of the radio shows i was on a while back asked me if we have any favorite vegetable recipes i could share with them. i said i would tell them our favorite: “take some vegetables. wash them and eat them.” this salad was extra good, knowing all the hard work we’ve put into the garden. and we travelled less than 50 feet from our front door to collect everything. no stores, no lines, no mealy tomatoes or tasteless green beans. priceless moment #2.

i have been trying to call one or two people each day who we are very close to. i want to make sure that i get a chance to at least speak to them myself before we get overwhelmed with the chaos of moving. today i called someone who has been my mentor since i was 14 years old (even though i didn’t realize it at the time). her advice is like gold to me, and even though i don’t call her often enough for direction, every time i talk to her i come away with valuable insights and ideas. so i called her today to let her know about the relocation. she was really supportive, and even though she is sad for me to move, she thinks that seattle will be a great fit for our family. she said over and over what a wonderful opportunity this will be for us, and she has steered me right so many times, how could i not believe her? carving out a few minutes to touch base with her really helped me to stay focused on what is important, and hopefully i will get a chance to see her in person before we move. priceless moment(s) #3.

on the total surprise front, someone i know who quite literally changed my life for the better came to visit me today. she was in the neighborhood, so she came over on the chance she might catch me. she did, and i was SO glad! i know i have mentioned in the past that i have a chronic illness. it started with a super bad brain infection in 2002. i lost a lot of functioning then, and it took me years to get back on my feet. even though i still struggle with some deficits and problems, i function a lot better than i used to. this person was my first occupational therapist. she taught me to read again. she laid the foundation for me to learn to walk again. she helped me learn strategies to help me fall less and to allow me to manage around the house. she helped me transition from out of a wheelchair, and she custom-made programs for me to deal with the specific types of brain damage that i had. she spend hours and hours and hours being patient and encouraging, always pushing me but never overwhelming me. she provided guidance for the physical therapists who weren’t sure what to do. she got me information and resources and gave me hope. without her i would probably still be in a wheelchair, with very little hope of managing at all.  she seriously transformed my life in so many ways that to thank her wouldn’t even scratch the surface of what she has done for me. and today i went to the front door and she was there!  priceless moment #4.

i’m sure there are many many other things that i am leaving off of this list, but these are the few that are on the top of my head. i have about 95 million things left to do today, so i have to stop here.

but i’m wishing you many priceless moments of your own, and the clarity of mind to recognize them when they are there. because seeing and embracing and savoring those moments in life is what is truly priceless.