that was a deep sigh that it is finally peaceful in my house (12:47am) and i can finally get a turn on the computer (12:47am) and most of my kids are actually sleeping (12:47 am)

did i just say 12:47 am????????????? well, yes i did. and that gives you a glimpse into our weekend.

youngest daughter has decided that she is suddenly afraid to sleep in her own bed. like most night-time drama, this leaves our consciousness during the daylight hours when we could effectively deal with it. it’s only round about midnight when we hear those little feet coming down the hallway… it reminds me of the scene from Jaws where the shark is approaching and all you hear is the theme song- (wish i cold transpose the music here- it would be so much more dramatic!). the last few nights we have had an approximation of the following conversation:

her: “mommy, i had a nightmare!”

me:” mmmmmmmmmmmhpgdofjgdihgh” (i am usually half asleep; it doesn’t translate well)

her: “MOMMY, I HAD A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

me: “huh??????????????????????????????”

her: “CAN I SLEEP IN YOUR BED?” (yes, she is yelling by now)

me: “ummmmmmmmmm. ummmmmmmmmm. ummmmmmmmmm. fine- if you go straight to sleep.”

her: “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” (because she is sleeping almost as soon as her head hits the pillow)

me: (to myself, since everyone but me is now asleep, so nobody is listening) “why didn’t i deal with this during the day? i should write it down. in fact, i should make a list of everything i have to do tomorrow. in fact, i should rewrite the list that i already wrote and add that i should deal with this sleep problem. how come i’m not more on top of things? which reminds me, i need to find our spare flashlight. and as long as i’m up, i should throw in some laundry. gosh, it’s so late i can’t believe i’m not tired. i should really go to sleep. but i have so much to do. but i’m going to be a wreck tomorrow. but what’s the point of laying in bed if i can’t sleep? maybe i should go check the blog…”

and here, ladies and gentlemen, is where i am.

one of my sons thinks it’s ok to never get dressed. every day he can’t do anything because he doesn’t have ANY clothes. i incorrectly believed that since i have purchased approximately 9,000 shirts for this kid in the last few months, that he has plenty of clothes. he’s also gotten about 20 pairs of pants, some bathing suits, some shorts, and possibly a few other odds and ends. his closet is full of clothes, but luckily he doesn’t mistake any of those items for any of his wearable clothes. because his wearable clothes are all bunched up on the floor at the end of his bed.

ah. now i get it.

today i went through his packed closet, one item at a time. ditto with the drawers. and i got to hear every single reason that every single article of clothing was completely wrong.

1- the cuffs feel weird. 2-it’s not long enough. 3- it’s too long. 4-it’s just weird, ok? 5- that was too big for me when you bought it (it is his correct size now, but let’s not let reason interfere in the life of a teenager). 6- i don’t like the buttons. 7- it pinches my stomach. 8- i always hated that- i told you that as i was cutting the tags off! 9- that’s not even mine! (yes, we have the reverse clothing fairy. instead of taking stuff, this fairy apparently leaves clothes which, although they fit and meet all of the other specifications, cannot be worn since he doesn’t remember me buying them.). 10- why do we have to do this? it’s so stupid. 11- why are you making me waste my time like this? 12- why can’t you just buy me new stuff????

one daughter has a steady babysitting job that keeps her out of the fray most days. another daughter is looking for a steady job that will keep her out of the fray most days. star husband has been out of town for work, which has kept him out of the fray for many days. one son is fantastic, but would like nothing better than to sit either at the computer all day every day or to watch episodes of good luck charlie and nanny 911 (our latest family shows).

oh, and hello to my neighbor’s darling son, Y.A.- who dutifully reads this blog so he can catch his family up on what is happening across the street from them 😉

as of this moment, there are 3 stacks of clothes on one couch to give to neighbors. in spite of culling our possessions on a regular basis, we managed to have 3 pairs of rollerblades that fit nobody, 4 extra coats, a box of books, and about a thousand other knickknacks that i am freecycling.

as of this moment, there are approximately 50 million photos waiting to be put into albums. there is toothpaste drying in the sink. there are 3 gym shoes sitting by my front door, for the left foot (and i am not making this up!), none for the right foot, and none in a size that anyone in the house can wear.


as of this moment, i am contemplating sleeping in youngest daughter’s bed, which, unlike my bed, is empty. there are 3 loads of dishes to do, even though star husband washed two loads after supper. i am in the middle of 6 different magazines (no joke!) and i am working on puzzles in a book that’s supposed to exercise your brain to make you smarter- and i can do about 2 answers on every page before i give up and go onto the next page. then i skip lots of pages cuz they are just way too hard.


do you ever have reflective moments in life where you look around you and wonder, “how did i get here?’

well, that’s not what i’m doing.

because i’m not that reflective.

and i’ve gotten to an age where i don’t feel like i have to prove up about being smart.

so i just say lots of dumb stuff, but i try to make it funny.

or i post recipes.

i was going to post a really amazing poem i wrote in high school that i just found. it’s soul-stirring and hauntingly beautiful. it’s rich with meaning, and simple but elegant. it’s so pretty that it makes you go back and read it a second time.  but it turns out i didn’t write it. i copied it from somewhere and didn’t write the author’s name.

classy, huh?

it’s just been one of those weekends…