i love mixing common phrases, don’t you?

today was a great day in the garden. i chopped back lots of stuff, took away zucchini branches that were soggy and moldy-ish, picked tomatoes/cucumbers/peppers/green beans (!)/cabbage. it was very theraputic, as always…

i saw pics from ryan’s garden, and it looks like a farmer’s market over there! since our garden went in after his, i am hoping we will be getting harvests like that some time soon! and my neighbors hope so too!

gosh, that was a lot of exclamation points in one paragraph, wasn’t it???

anyway, the time has come to share some news. we have had something brewing for about the last week that i wasn’t able to talk about. in short…

oak park will be losing a trouble-maker and seattle will be gaining a garden renegade.

yes, folks, my husband got a new job in seattle and we will be relocating.

to the west coast.

far away from our family and friends.


but it’s really gonna happen.

of course, i will keep blogging. you all have been through too much with me for me to not share this newest adventure with you.

so, i’m sure there will be plenty of excitement to entertain you in the coming weeks. we don’t have a moving date yet, but you know i will be trying hard to wait until every last vegetable in the garden is picked!

oh, and if anyone is in the area, i have a great compost pile looking for a good home. seriously, anyone who buys our house will undoubtedly plow over the compost, so i would much rather have someone come over here and shovel it up and give it a good home.

any takers????