several people have asked me if i can stop shopping for produce now that we have the garden. this still cracks me up since i don’t have enough experience or confidence to believe that we are going to be getting ample amounts of vegetables at any point in time.

so far, we average a few picks a day- one day cucumbers, one day some tomatoes, one day zucchini, one day some peppers. each day, we share whatever we pick with whichever family happens to be in the garden while we are picking.  happily, i got a bunch of jalepenos so far (thanks to ryan for the plant!) which i was able to share with two different neighbors.

i am waiting for the predicted onslaught of tomatoes (i have some salsa recipes i want to try canning) and cucumbers (we are wild about pickles!). we have lots of flowers, so i’m hoping for the right cosmic mojo to happen that will make us have enough vegetables to meet our needs with enough left over to share.

on the cool side, one of the bunches of cucumber plants turned out to be melons! they are sooooooooooo adorable- some are already round and some are just beginning ovals, but they are like perfect miniatures of real melons! it’s nice that we found these, since i do remember planting melons, but since i couldn’t find any of the plants, i just assumed they had failed to germinate. my daughter was so excited to find them, and now we show them off to anyone who will look! (i will try to remember to ask one of my teenagers to get some photos up for you)

at this point, i still have the proud granny thing going on: i feel like i should carry wallet-sized photos in my purse so i can accost random strangers in stores and say, ” wanna see pictures of the cutest veggies ever???”

we are still enjoying the garden very much, and still SO much appreciating that i have a place to go that’s close to home ( 😉   )where i can burn off steam. i think pulling weeds and pruning should become officially recognized metaphors for stress reduction.

i am thinking i should see if i can get behind any community garden projects- gardening is just such an awesome activity, and i wish more people could know that. i guess that like any new convert, i am anxious to share my new passion with everyone (whether they want to hear or not!).

but, for now i will just share it with you 😉