i came home from the fruit market today, and was greeted with the following news: “about an hour ago two police cars pulled up to your house. the cops all got out of the cars and started walking up to the house.”


are you having a heart attack yet? because i certainly was…

but the rest of the story is that the police came to admire the garden. they came because they are still getting several calls a day from people wanting more information about the garden. so they came out to see it for themselves.

hmmmm. people who actually want to get their facts straight before they talk about something.

hmmmm. people who care enough to bother to get out of their cars and express their SUPPORT for what we are doing.

people who asked for a tour of the garden and wanted to discuss the various plants and said multiple times that they really like what we are doing.

go figure.

we have had limited experience with the oak park police. we have filed the odd theft report for stolen bikes, and twice for the airbags being stolen out of our car. we actually met KJ once when we found a stray dog and we wanted to give him a “found dog” poster. there was a time  when my oldest was about 6 hours late for curfew. we spent a long stressful night looking for him and calling hospitals- and the police were so nice and so supportive that we baked them cookies afterward. seriously.

a few months ago, i had a really scary medical problem. the police dispatcher was great, and the police were the first responders while we waited for the ambulance. they were calm and cool and sweet and kind and they kept things in order while my kids and i all kind of fell apart. one of the officers helped me into the ambulance and he was so gentle and considerate i think i started crying.

so, our experience with the police has always been good.

but this story today was just great.

they went out of their way today and did something politically not great.

they are so cool, and i just wanted to give them an honorable mention on the blog.

go, oak park police!  🙂