go figure- i was in a class tonight and someone said that on a website people are calling me the “garden bandit”.

all i could picture was the grinch stealing christmas, with his bag full of stuff, swiping the gifts out from under everyone’s tree… that’s me, stealing your garden. but wait, i’m caught… i’m the (dramatic pause, possible drum roll, possible appropriately thematic music…) “garden bandit!”  (try saying this in a really swooping kind of voice, and i guess it does sound sort of cool…)

but  really, a bandit???????????

perhaps i should wear a zorro-type mask and slunk around in my neighbors’ yards looking for something to bandit-ize…

maybe i should sit on my front porch and steal fresh fruit out of kids’ lunches.

don’t blame me: i’m a BANDIT; it’s my nature!!!

could be i will be coming soon to a garden store near you (tie down the plants, everyone- the garden bandit is in the store!!!). they could make some kind of employee secret code announcement, “attention, chuck. code 598.735 yellow in aisle 4…”

do you think my kids would be humiliated at all if i took to wearing a cape in public?

i could probably justify buying some really cool boots…

seriously, guys- this is just awesome!!!!!!!

because if you can’t laugh at yourself, chances are lots of people will laugh at you!

so there!!!