a few days ago i promised you a post on ryan and/or rain barrels and/or freud. at least i think i did that…

so, my kids are temporarily quiet (usually a very bad sign, but right now there is something fascinating on PBS- brought to you by viewers like you!). to the best of my recollection, here’s how the story goes:

ryan, guru of gardens and many other things, came over to help me trellis my cucumbers. (by the way, what is up with cucumbers? people should plant that instead of lawn and they cold have lush greenery covering their entire yard in like 22 minutes!) it was kinda rainy, so i said (for the 90 millionth time), “i wish i had rain barrels!” to which ryan replied, “and i wish my rain barrels could hold more!” (or something to that effect).

because, you see, ryan already HAS rain barrels. he has big rain barrels. his rain collection system is WAY AHEAD of mine, especially since he has one and i don’t.

now, i don’t begrudge ryan his rain barrels. but i did feel like it was a distinctly freudian moment. because everybody wants what they don’t have. and if they have it, they want it to be bigger.

i could do a big rant about commercial culture, blah blah blah- but you already know all of that. what interests me here is that, on a primal level, people want not only stuff, they want BIGGER stuff. except for cell phones, which i hate. (yes- dirty little secret: if i could carry around one of those black desk phones from like 1943 that weighed 180 pounds, i would totally do it!)

so, ryan (hero of the garden and facilitator of so many good things), feels like his rain barrel SYSTEM (yes, i said ‘system’) could be bigger.

i think ryan’s rain barrels are fine, but i’ve never actually seen them…

my kids always want the biggest whatever. i think if i offered them a small diamond or a big empty box, several of them would opt for the big box. people supersize like anything they can.

i’d like to have my oil changed. and could you supersize that?

hello, doctor. i need some penicillin. and could you supersize the dose for only $1.59 extra?

yes officer, i was speeding. but could you supersize my ticket and say i was doing supersonic speed?

anyway, point is, i’ll say it here first: freud was mostly a wacko, i have no rain barrels, and ryan’s stuff is completely adequate.

satisfied????? 😉