today i spoke for a bit with the “health ranger”, mike adams. first of all, kudos to him for putting our veggie case into the spotlight, and sticking with us through the conclusion! second, kudos to him for looking (and being) fantastic! so many times i have been around people who look kind of gaunt and sickly, and they always want to tell you why you should be a vegan or why you should be macrobiotic, or why you should only eat orange foods for two weeks a month to cleanse your system. mike is not only not preachy ( i literally had no idea what was even on his website until he interviewed me last time, and i just signed up for his newsletter about 6 minutes ag0- so, i hope to be better informed soon!)- but he looks so great! he is tanned and fit and looks like what i always pictured a healthy person should look like! he is also so funny and kind and clever- we LOVE his you-tube videos, and he is just a pleasure to talk to! so, kudos all around, mike adams- keep on keepin’ on!!!

yesterday we picked the first cucumbers out of the garden (sorry we forgot to get photos before we ate them!). i remember someone saying (maybe on this blog?) that since starting to grow his own food, he is much more upset if his kids waste. now that he knows how much work goes into getting that food on the table, he is saddened if it goes to waste.  i am reminded of a friend of mine who is an inspiration in many areas of life. if she has scraps or an unsalvageable recipe, or other misfit food items, she FEEDS her compost. when looked at in this light, it is such a beneficial act! that leftover wilty salad or extra serving of grilled veggies that’s already been reheated twice can go toward building your soil into something healthy and nutrient rich. so, maybe it doesn’t go directly into the stomachs of your family, but it does make it there eventually! ever since she said that, i have felt so much more at ease about our unpopular leftovers.

of course, we could just cook exactly as much as we need, or only make foods that are universally appealing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- anyone with a family knows how silly this is, but i wanted to throw it out there anyway.

one of my daughters is learning italian. her tutor was here and they were learning different food names. so she asked me what was for supper that night, and i told her “leftovers” (my mother always calls this pre-cooked food). her italian tutor didn’t know what that meant. she couldn’t translate it into italian because she had no concept for what it is. so i tried to explain- a little bit of pasta from sunday, soup from monday, green beans from tuesday, etc etc. my inspiring friend calls this meal C.O.R.N. (clean out refrigerator night)  i’m still not sure if that italian tutor got it or not, but it’s an interesting sociological phenomenon that we have so much more than what we need and i am petrified to make less (my grandmother refers to this as ‘cooking in case the russian army stops by’). what can i say?

i have another friend who is inspiring in her own right. she and her husband are very environmentally conscious, and they live in a place where this is the norm, not the exception (no, not oak park!). they have chickens, and any foods that are not fit to compost go into the chicken enclosure. when we visited, we had such a great time throwing them bits of bread, and various potato-based leftovers, and gunky oatmeal that was left sitting on the table for too many hours after the kids were finished- and it was so much fun and so cool! this food, which would otherwise have gone into the garbage disposal or to the trash was given to the chickens who could use it to make eggs.

so i’ve gotten a lot of clarity lately on how food can be a continuous system- growing and picking and feeding and composting and then on again… i think that is so amazing, and although i can’t say i am sold on a save-the- environment agenda, i’m loving the food-responsibility agenda, and  i am definitely more aware of the life cycle of food. see, it’s true that you are never to old to learn!

just wow.

and, as a token of thanks for patiently reading all of that, here is today’s recipe:

coconut honey pudding:

1 cup boiling water

1 cup shredded coconut (you will have to decide for your family whether to use sweetened or unsweetened)

pour the boiling water over the coconut and let it sit for a few minutes.

then mix together:

2 eggs

1/8 cup- 1/4 cup honey

1 tsp vanilla

1/3 tsp. salt

cinnamon to taste (optional)

put all of this in with the coconut and mix all together. if you would like, you can add and misc. nuts or berries you may have laying around. this is a great way to make the same recipe, but have it be different enough each time that people don’t get sick of it.

put in a loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. i usually double or triple this.  i keep any leftovers in the fridge so someone can grab some for a quick snack or energy boost. it also makes a nice side dish, if your family likes sweet stuff.

thanks to A.W. for this recipe!

and have a great weekend!!!!! 🙂