i’m having a feeling this is something i will look back at posting and feel that horror- oh my GOSH- did i really put that drivel out there??? but it’s late, and i can’t sleep, and i wanted to lighten the mood. so, how better to be lighthearted than to steal a poem from edgar allen poe, the king of macabre, and badly change it to suit my own purposes? if you are reading this, you can either consider yourself one of the lucky ones who read this before i came to my senses and deleted it, or one of the sad sorry few who had to be exposed to this nonsense before i came to my senses and deleted it… and, just for the record, poe’s rhyme scheme is really really hard to get in the rhythm of… (onomatopoeia aside- really, poe????)


The Craven

once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered weak and weary

over many a quaint and curious section of oak park code-


while i nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a snapping

as computer keys were tapping

tapping in my tired brain.

’tis so odd i muttered with my tired brain, my laptop’s battery will drain…


ah, distinctly now i know it, it’s my fault i chose to grow it.

didn’t try to mow or blow it. i will reap that i did sow it.

renegade for evermore.


and the healthy robust leaves of plants

thrilled me filled me with pride i didn’t feel before.

so that now to still my brain, repeating

i stand wistfully entreating

that in court when i will have a meeting

be about the dogs and nothing more.


presently my soul grows stronger,

hesitating now no longer,

“judge”, i’ll say, “truly your forgiveness i implore,”

but the fact is i am growing, and some veggies i am sowing

and my neighbors are still mowing-

only this and nothing more.


into the courtroom peering, i will stand there wondering, fearing

growing things oak parkers never dared to grow before…

and supporters calmly follow, so afraid they do not swallow

city promises ring hollow

hollow for the renegade-

all the licenses were paid!


city, do stop this charade,

or a media tirade!

and the gardeners will invade,

and my nerves they have all frayed,

justice now! and not delayed!

justice for the renegade!


all i can say, dear readers

is that we do need new leaders

who encourage all the seeders

to plant gardens and be feeders.

only this and nothing more.

shameless this, for evermore…