if the glass is half full, one of your kids will knock it over onto your important papers or your husband’s laptop

one should periodically prune her life like she prunes her plants- mercilessly, but with an eye to getting rid of the things that suck energy needlessly to make the plant healthier

if you can make one person smile every day, you will leave this earth better than you found it.

and if you smile too, you get extra credit

nothing makes you feel rich like sharing what you have with others

to keep cats out of vegetable or flower beds, stick some cheap metal forks in the ground, tines up. cured my friend’s neighbor’s cat of his bathroom habits pretty darn quick

man cannot live on bread alone- but a woman sure can live on ice cream (isn’t it nice of me to conduct this experiment so you don’t have to?)

long suffering husband has just sighed loudly one too many times. that’s his subtle code for, “are you ever gonna get off that computer???” good communication in a marriage is SO important, don’t you think?