i’d have to give it an unequivocal thumbs down.

perhaps i am not giving it a fair try. today was one of those days where i took it as personally offensive if someone left the cap off of the toothpaste. it seemed like war against my person when someone left a wet towel on the floor. the noise of someone in the next room eating with a fork drove me bonkers. and did you ever notice how irritating it can be when someone blinks? yep, it’s one of those days…

today’s gardening top 40 was mostly the violent femmes with some dead kennedys mixed in. a few other angry british folks rounded out the playlist, and that’s before my headache set in.

someone who used to be a friend (well, i thought he was a friend. it turned out i was very wrong, but that’s another story) gave me a book called daily negations. i usually find this book exceedingly hilarious, and i was going to quote today’s entry in this post (how creative i am becoming!). but, it wasn’t funny- go figure!- so i looked at a few other days to see if i could find something funny and on target. nope.

today is one of those days where God’s to-do list for me reads something like this:

– slam finger in drawer accidentally

– take off gardening gloves, only to be scratched bloody by prickly plant stems. (oh, that’s why i wore the gardening gloves in the first place. let’s hear it for logic!)

– try to prune tomato plants, but succeed only in making me afraid that i may have accidentally killed them

– trip over my own feet, at least several times

– walk into many rooms, forgetting each time exactly why i went there. repeat this step often, and then beat myself up unnecessarily over my lack of focus

– check in with friends who have problems way worse than mine, only to feel even worse that they have to be going through such hard times.

– see above, and give no constructive advice whatsoever

– try to write a witty yet edgy blog post, only to have it turn into a sub-par mini rant about absolutely nothing.

i think i’ll be back in a little while…

(no comments necessary on this post- i’ll decompress and write something better in a bit 😉   )